Kiwi import

POST /api/v2/user/kiwi_import?config_file=<config_file>&base_system=<base_system>&arch=<arch>&name=<name>

  • <config_file>: The Kiwi configuration file or archive.
  • <base_system>: The base system of the appliance.
  • <arch>: The architecture of the appliance (x86_64 or i686).
  • (optional) <name>: The name of the appliance.

Create a new appliance by importing a Kiwi config.xml or an archived configuration.

Files can be uploaded in the body of the POST request. It is expected to be wrapped as with form-based file uploads in HTML (RFC 1867) in the body of the POST request as the file parameter. If name is left out, a name will be generated. All base systems available as templates are supported for Kiwi imports.