GET /api/v2/user/repositories?base_system=<base>&filter=<search_string>

  • (optional) <base_system>: Limit the results to repositories with this base system.
  • (optional) <filter>: Only show repositories matching this search string.

Returns a list of repositories. If neither base_system nor filter are specified, all available repositories are returned.

When filtering the results with the filter parameter, the repository name, repository url, and repository packages are searched.

Result: Example

POST /api/v2/user/repositories?url=<url>&name=<name>

  • <url>: Base url of the repository.
  • <name>: Name for the repository.

Imports a new repository into Studio. Returns the metadata for the created repository.

Result: Example

POST /api/v2/user/repositories/<id>/refresh

  • <id>: Id of the repository to update.

Instructs the server to update package metadata for repository id.

Result: empty.

GET /api/v2/user/repositories/<id>

  • <id>: Id of the repository.

Show information on the repository with the id id.

Result: Example