Running builds

GET /api/v2/user/running_builds?appliance_id=<id>

  • <id>: Id of the appliance.

List all running builds for the appliance with id id.

Result: Example

GET /api/v2/user/running_builds/<build_id>

  • <build_id>: Id of the build.

Show status of the build with id build_id.

Result: Example

POST /api/v2/user/running_builds?appliance_id=<id>&force=<force>&version=<version>&image_type=<type>&multi=<multi>

  • <id>: Id of the appliance.
  • (optional) <force>: Force a build even if it overwrites an already existing build.
  • (optional) <version>: The version of the appliance.
  • (optional) <image_type>: The format of the build. Supported are ‘ec2’, ‘iso’, ‘kvm’, ‘net’, ‘oem’, ‘oemiso’, ‘oemstick’, ‘vhd’, ‘vmx’, and ‘xen’.
  • (optional) <multi>: If set to true, it enables multibuild mode, which allows to build different formats of one version.

Start a new build for the appliance with id id.

If there already is a build with the same appliance settings (build type and version), an error is returned. In this case a build can be forced by setting the optional force parameter to true.

Optionally, the appliance version and build type can be set with the version and image_type parameters.

It is possible to build different formats of one appliance version. Therefore do a first build and when it’s done, trigger the other formats with the multi parameter set to true.

DELETE /api/v2/user/running_builds/<build_id>

  • <build_id>: Id of the build.

Cancel build with id build_id.