Building Images

Each appliance, independent of the format, is given a version number in the format major.minor.release. It is recommended to use the following scheme for version numbering:

  • Increment the release number, if there are no software related changes.
  • Update the minor number and change release to 0 if you add or remove any packages.
  • Update the major number and change minor and release to 0 when you have done substantial modifications to your appliance.

You can build images in a variety of formats on the Build tab:

  1. Select your default format. This is the format in which your appliance will initially be built in. Once you have a successful build in your default format, you will have the opportunity to build additional formats.

  2. Select any additional formats appropriate for your appliance.

  3. Adjust the version number of your appliance, if necessary. The release number will automatically increment on each build.

  4. Check the messages for tips and errors on the left side. If your appliance has to fit on a CD (700 MB limit), you may have to deselect some software via the Software tab.

  5. Click the “Build” button to start the creation process. Your build job will be enqueued with those of other users. Depending on the size and complexity of your appliance and the number of jobs in the queue, building may take anywhere from two minutes to several hours.

  6. Download your appliance or start a Testdrive!

Building additional formats

It is possible to build additional formats after having successfully built your default format:

  1. Press the “Build additional” button on the respective appliance version to start the build process. Each format is a separate build job, which will be placed in the queue.

Be aware that each additional format consumes space against your account’s storage allotment.