Viewing Your Home Page

If you have already created an appliance, SUSE Studio lists your appliances, grouped by access rights (your private appliances, your gallery appliances, and appliances other users have shared with you.)

Studio Home - Your appliances

Here you can:

  • Create a New Appliance. Click “Create new appliance…” and choose a base template, like you did for you first appliance.
  • Manage Your Cloud Deployments Upload your EC2- or Azure-formatted images, and manage your uploaded images. See Use > Amazon Ec2 and Use > Windows Azure for details.
  • Work on Existing Appliances. Click an entry on the appliances lists to work with a saved appliance. To use a previously saved appliance as a base template, move your mouse over it and click “Clone” to create a new appliance based on the currently selected one. Cloning an appliance from the home page will copy the latest configuration of the appliance. If you want to clone the configuration of a specific version of the appliance, you can clone from the build tab when editing this appliance.
  • Clone Shared Appliances. If another user has shared an appliance with you, you may clone it, starting a new appliance based on it. You cannot modify an appliance that is shared with you.