VirtualBox can run vmdk discs so the vmware build can work for VirtualBox as well. However, the VMware tools will not, so you may want to add the VirtualBox tools instead.

How to add a vmx to VirtualBox

As said, Virtual Box can run vmdks natively so you can run the VMware images on it.

Check VirtualBox (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris) for more details.

How to add VirtualBox tools

  • Add the package virtualbox-ose-guest-tools.

  • Alternatively, if you are using the PUEL VirtualBox (PUEL = Personal Use and Evaluation License), you can try the following. While running the appliance with VirtualBox, go to Devices->Install Guest Additions. This will mount a virtual CD from the image VBoxGuestAdditions.iso. Copy the file into a local folder. Write a script that will execute this file (as root) the first time the machine boots (and after all the services have been loaded). If you only want to share folders, you can run vfs-module instead. Keep in mind that you will have to reboot the machine at the end of the installation. Upload the script and the file to your appliance in SUSE Studio using the Overlay files section. Before building your appliance, make sure to include the following packages: kernel-source, linux-kernel-headers, make, gcc, and gcc-c++.

  • To set up a folder to share, run the following command as root:

     mount -t vboxsf name -o uid=1000 mountpoint

    where 1000 is the user id of tux (see /etc/passwd), and name is the name given to the shared folders when you set them up in the VirtualBox shared folder settings dialog.

How to enable PAE support in virtualbox

Simply select your VM and click settings at the top. Under System select the Processor tab and check Enable PAE/NX.