Browser Support Policy

We are committed to making SUSE Studio as accessible and consistent as we can. However, it is not practical for us to support every available operating system and web browser combination. Therefore we have adopted the following graded browser and operating system support policy, which is inspired by Yahoo’s GBS.

Please note that this does not mean SUSE Studio will only work on A-grade browsers - we expect it to work in all modern browsers and do make an effort to provide graceful degradation and progressive enhancements. It simply means that A-grade browsers are what we focus our development and QA efforts on, so those are what we recommend for the optimal user experience.

Browser support grades:

GradeQABug priorityBrowser and version combinations
AYesNormalCurrent and previous major releases of Firefox, Firefox ESR (used in SLES/D), Chrome and Internet Explorer.
BNoLow, possibly WONT_FIXCurrent major release of Safari.
CNoWONT_FIXAll browser and version combinations that are not in grades A or B. This includes old versions of A grade browsers and A grade browsers on unsupported operating systems.

Mobile browsers running on current versions of Android and iOS should generally work as well although certain features like mouse-over pop-ups will not work on touch devices.

The following table provides an example of the major browser and version combinations, the corresponding graded support, and their respective release cycles.

Browser Release cycle Current major release Previous major release
Grade Version Date Grade Version Date
Mozilla Firefox ~1 month A 18.0 2013-01-08 A 17.0 2012-11-20
Mozilla Firefox ESR 1 year A 17.0.2 ESR 2013-01-08 A 10.0.12 ESR 2013-01-08
Google Chrome 1-2 months A 23.0.1271 2012-11-06 A 22.0.1229 2012-09-25
Microsoft Internet Explorer Not time based A 10 2012-10-26 A 9 2011-03-14
Apple Safari Not time based B 6 2012-07-25 C 5 2010-06-07

The complete table was last updated on 14 January 2013. All dates are in the yyyy-mm-dd format.

The operating systems on which the browsers run is also a factor. We use the same grade system as for the browsers.

A-grade operating systems:

  • Linux (latest supported SUSE desktop versions) - openSUSE 12.2, SLED11 SP2.
  • Microsoft Windows (latest two versions) - Windows 7, Windows 8.

B-grade operating systems:

  • Apple Mac OS X (latest two versions) - Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8).

C-grade operating systems:

  • Everything not in A or B grade.

Cookies and JavaScript must both be enabled for the site to function properly.

In addition, Adobe Flash Player® must be present for the Testdrive feature to work. Since iOS devices do not include Flash, Testdrive will not work on these.