Configuring Appliances

SUSE Studio’s Configuration Tab allows easy configuration of several aspects of your appliance:

General Change your default locale and timezone, configure your network, enable your firewall, and manage users and groups.

Personalize Add a new logo and background for your appliance or pick from the default options. In the Preview section you’ll see an overview of how your appliance will look like during boot and login.

Studio Qs Config Personalize

Startup Define your default runlevel and any end user licence agreements. Usually this is empty, but if add any EULAs, the user has to agree to your licences during the first boot of your appliance.

Server Set up a PostgreSQL or MySQL database server, including upload of an existing data set and creation of database users.

Desktop Configure automatic login for users and programs which are automatically started after login.

Appliance Set up advanced configuration for your appliance, like disk, memory, and logical volume manager. Many of these settings depend on the environment your appliance will run in.

Scripts Run custom scripts at the end of your build, on first boot, or every boot. Usually for experts only.