Debugging your Appliance

SUSE Studio’s Testdrive enables you to boot and run your appliance without downloading it.

If you haven’t already decided on a default format, “USB stick / hard disk image” is a good choice for testdrive-based customization. After building, click “Testdrive” to boot your appliance in the Studio cloud.

Studio Qs Testdrive

You may manipulate or test your appliance via:

  1. the browser-based testdrive client.
  2. a VNC session.
  3. an SSH session.
  4. an HTTP or HTTPS connection (for web applications).

If you want to use a VNC session, log in with SSH or test your web application (including WebYaST), click the “Networking” tab; this tab displays some explanations on how to use these methods. Click the “Enable Networking” button to turn these features on.

The “Modified Files” tab allows you to track and import changes to the file system made during a testdrive.