Using a Browser

Unencrypted Keystrokes

Keystrokes sent to testdrive and text shown in the console are not encrypted.

Whenever an appliance has been built, it is ready to be started and debugged in testdrive. To use testdrive, proceed as follows:

  1. Build your appliance as described in section “Building Appliances”. Every format supported by SUSE Studio can be used to start the testdrive.

  2. Click Testdrive to start the session.

Follow the usual procedure to start the appliance.

Sessions in testdrive are restricted to one hour to save resources. After this time, it will be automatically shut down.

During your testdrive session, access some often used key combinations on the left side. You cannot press the key combinations directly, as you would influence your base system and not the appliance. Therefore, if you press a button, the keystrokes will be forwarded to the appliance.

For example, switch to another text console by clicking one of the these key combinations: Ctrl+Alt+F1 or Ctrl+Alt+F3. To reboot, click Ctrl+Alt+Del. If you have a graphical system in your appliance, force-quit the window manager with Ctrl+Alt+Back.

Used Appliance Format

If you do not know which format is used for testdrive, look at the upper right corner of your Web browser to see the current format.