Working with Overlay Files

SUSE Studio uses the concept of overlay files, which are files modified or created after the installation during your testdrive. These files can be incorporated into your configuration and automatically added during the next build of your appliance. Usually the procedure with overlay files looks like this:

  1. Build your appliance as described in section “Creating Appliances”.

  2. Start testdrive.

  3. Create, remove, or modify files in testdrive.

  4. Click the Modified Files link. Usually you can leave the exclude paths as they are. If you want to restrict files to your home directory, enter /home in the Include paths containing: text field.

  5. Select the files that you want to include in your archive.

  6. Press Add selected files to appliance. If your file list is very large, it is better to create an archive. In this case, check Bundle selected files as archive with name and enter the name of your archive.

  7. Switch back to your SUSE Studio’s appliance page and go to Files. You should see your selected files from the previous step.

  8. Build your appliance. The added files are incorporated into your appliance.