Using a VNC Session

If you want to use VNC instead of the browser, proceed as follows:

  1. If you use a firewall, make sure the following outgoing ports are open:

    5900:5910/TCP - VNC

More about firewalls can be found in the Security Guide.

  1. Build your appliance as described in section “Creating Appliances”.

  2. Click Testdrive to start the session.

  3. Click the Networking: off link at the top of the Web page.

  4. Enter the following command in a shell to start the VNC session and replace NODE with the name of your SUSE Studio server:

    vncviewer -encodings 'zlib hextile copyrect' NODE
  5. Enter the password. Find it on the Web page, described in Step 4. After you have entered the correct password, a window opens.

  6. Work with your appliance.