Your software, everywhere!

Everywhere? Yes, everywhere. In the cloud, on a server, on a live CD. With SUSE Studio you can build it from your browser in just a few clicks.

342 builds this week!

A revolutionary new way to create technology

Build for everything and anything

You can export your custom operating system as a Virtual machine, Live USB Disk, CD/DVD-ROM, Hard Disk Image and so much more.

You can even apply your own branding to what you create!

Send it to the cloud

SUSE Studio supports building and deploying directly to cloud services such as Windows Azure,Amazon EC2and of course SUSE Cloud.From click to cloud, it’s easy!

Is there a self-hosted version?

Absolutely. We offer SUSE Studio for onsite installation. It comes bundled with the SUSE Lifecyle Management Server and WebYaST, the web-based configuration tool.

Take your system for a testdrive

SUSE Studio lets you try out your work without having to download it. Just test it within the browser with Testdrive!

Ready to go software

SUSE Studio talks directly with the openSUSE Build Service to bring you thousands of software packages, pre-built and ready for including in your system.

Warning We are going to shut down on the 15th of February. Please check out our recent blog post to learn more!

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