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LxiSUSE Leap 42.1 Network [v 1.5]

Published by kyle_ingalsbe
Based on openSUSE Leap 42.1 64-bit x86

This is the Network Version of LxiSUSE, based off of openSUSE Leap 42.1. It is designed to run on as few resources as possible, but also has some software for a network administrator to monitor, fix, or hack (to test security) a network. It also includes some tools for Wifi as well. Note: Version 1.3 comes with kernel 4.4 instead of 4.1.

It includes programs for burning DVD’s, making notes or a quick program, internet browsing, and printing. These are useful for making backups or printing off your findings.

This setup focuses on LXDE and IceWM, but mostly on LXDE. This only has the english translations, so if you want it in another language, then you will have to add that language yourself.

This version would be used by someone who needs to do some network administration, hacking to test security, or maybe to repair a computer.

This Network version has the following main programs installed:

Tor Browser
file roller (archiver)
geany (program editor/notepad)
GPicView (image viewer)
xsane (scanner program)
evince (pdf viewer)
brasero (CD / DVD burner)
nm-applet (GUI for networkmanager)
live-usb-gui (convert this cd to a usb stick)

Net tools:

plus a lot more…

other tools:

wipe (erase things – or use badblocks)
chntpw (change windows password)
gkrellm (system monitoring – like cpu temps)

It also has make and gcc, so if you need to compile some things, at least you can.

It also has its own custom scripts:

free-ram (this program just does a drop cache; thus, freeing up the ram. run it under root. just type the command and it will free up some ram)

ifhex (this is a little script that i made to randomly change the hex addr of an interface. usage example: ifhex wlan0) – used for spoofing your mac address

install-to-hdd (this command will start up the yast2 live installer. the live installer is also under yast2, but if you dont feel like clicking around, then just type in this command and it will start it for you)

It also comes with the scripts that will make a live usb stick from this iso; however, I did not make these scripts, I just added them to this distribution.

LXDE is customized a little, to make it more friendly with icons and such. IceWM is customized, but is not customized to have icons like LXDE is. IceWM is made to be simpler and less overhead.

This will only fit on a DVD. A USB will need at least 1.2 GB of space. I hope you like it. If you do, then download it or clone it and modify it how you want.

Lxi stands for LXDE / IceWM (LX + I)
pronounced LexySUSE

Disclaimer – you are responsible for what you use this distribution for. Illegally hacking into a network that is not yours can cause you to go to jail. I am not responsible for how you use this.


Downloaded 34 times Cloned 31 times

Null Physical

Live CD / DVD (.iso)

Use this format if you want to burn your appliance on CD or DVD. This is the easiest way to prepare bootable media. Simply download the .iso file and burn it to disk via any existing OS.

Release notes

Updated repositories to give the most updated versions of the programs. Added mpv just in case you wanted to listen to music via the CLI.


48 dependencies updated
67 new dependencies
3 new repositories
8 new software selections
2 repositories removed
Build configuration updated
General configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: english-us
Time zone: America/Chicago
Language: en_US.UTF-8
Network: network_manager
Firewall: enabled


0 patterns, 1332 packages
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Security summary


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