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GNU Health 3.0 / KDE5 / 64bit

Published by Axel Braun
Based on openSUSE Leap 42.1 64-bit x86

GNU Health is a free Health and Hospital Information System with the following functionality :
- Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
- Hospital Information System (HIS)
- Health Information System
- Crypto module
This installable live-CD is kept lean and offers a ready-to-run version of GNU Health. It is not intended to be a full Distribution!
Language, Keyboard and Time-zone can be selected during startup.

Passwords: User gnuhealth: gnuhealth ; Demo-database: admin:gnusolidario ; Tryton Server Password: admin

Note: First boot from USB-Stick is slow, as some setup on the stick is made. Second boot and working is much faster, and WLAN works then as well!

This package comes with two different versions: One with UEFI-support (It may not boot on non-UEFI hardware)
and a second version for use with normal BIOS. Check the release notes for the appropriate version

For installation instructions, see

For question or issues, contact the GNU Health mailing list


Downloaded 1668 times Cloned 123 times

Null Physical

USB Stick / Hard Disk Image

Dump this format on your USB stick or hard disk and boot from it. You may need to instruct the machine’s BIOS to boot from an external source if you’re usign a USB stick. Write the disk image using either `dd` or image writing software on your OS.

Note: This image is configured for UEFI and may not boot on non-UEFI hardware.

Live CD / DVD (.iso)

Use this format if you want to burn your appliance on CD or DVD. This is the easiest way to prepare bootable media. Simply download the .iso file and burn it to disk via any existing OS.

Note: This image is configured for UEFI and may not boot on non-UEFI hardware.

Preload ISO (.iso)

This is an ideal format if you are planning to perform installations on physical machines. Your appliance’s disk image will be wrapped in a simple bootable installer that asks only which hard disk to install to, and packaged for use on optical media.

Note: This image is configured for UEFI and may not boot on non-UEFI hardware.

Release notes

GNU Health 3.0.8 on Tryton Server 3.8.11 with GNU Health security patch and new GNU Health Camera
Security patch for Tryton server CVE-2017-0360
French language added – you can log in with admin_fr
Use this release if you have a PC with UEFI – PC with standard BIOS may not boot with this version. Use the other release!


3 new dependencies
3 new software selections
Appliance configuration updated
Build configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: ask_on_first_boot
Time zone: ask_on_first_boot
Language: ask_on_first_boot
Network: network_manager
Firewall: enabled


0 patterns, 1076 packages
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Security summary


Everyone's comments


Thanks for the free health os!

RoundTable Systems Inc.RoundTable Systems Inc.,

I like the download options you have, it allows so much flexibility for environment to run it on

Omar SiagOmar Siag,

i cant get tryton to connect.. plz help

Axel BraunAxel Braun,

From the Tryton frontend on the testdrive?
log in as root (su) and try
systemctl restart trytond

Axel BraunAxel Braun,

I just double checked, for me works out of the box.
Please be more verbose and report to

Omar SiagOmar Siag,

I used the Virtual image using vmware 11.

Everything installed fine..
when i open the tryton client and use the usernames and passwords provided nothing connects..

is there any steps im not aware of ?

can i ask you to post a video or some screen shots on what to do once you have everything installed from the live cd/Virtual file.. as a small tutorial…?

is it possible to contact you via skype or any other app ?
my email is
Thanks for your help bro>

Axel BraunAxel Braun,

I think we fixed it :-)

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