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Galileo Build Appliance - Gnome

Published by AlexT
Based on openSUSE 12.3 64-bit x86

Update 02-11-2014: As there’s no longer that much interest for this sort of a solution from the Galileo Community,I’m no longer updating the appliance. Feel free to clone it for your needs or contact me through the forum thread mentioned below.

This is a VM equipped for building the Intel® Galileo-related software, such as Linux images and firmware.

It also contains three BSP versions right away, 0.7.5 (previous official), 1.0.0 (current official) and 1.0.1 (current latest), see /home/galileo/bsp.
Empty directory is created for you to use as a Linux compilation playground. Just unpack the respective BSP package, then change dir to /home/galileo/yocto and unpack the meta_clanton_* file using "tar xzvf ".

Upon first boot the VM will ask you for your timezone. There may be some glitch with GNOME Terminal looking strange after first boot – just reboot the VM if you face that, after that if will be ok for good.

I recommend allocating at least 2GB RAM and at least 2 vCPU for the VM + setting the values for both “BB_NUMBER_THREADS” and “PARALLEL_MAKE” variables to “2” in your Yocto conf/local.conf file created by the BSP’s script to avoid resource starvation and possible build failures.

Please share your feedback in the Galileo community forum thread here:


Downloaded 310 times Cloned 73 times

Downloads are no longer available for this appliance, as it is based on an OS version that we no longer support.

You can clone the appliance, then upgrade and build with a current OS version.

Release notes

Added BSP 1.0.1, removed obsolete 0.9.0


42 dependencies updated
1 file removed
1 new file
Build configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: english-us
Time zone: ask_on_first_boot
Language: en_US.UTF-8
Network: dhcp
Firewall: disabled


4 patterns, 888 packages
View package list…

Security summary

  • Null

    Only official software sources are included.

  • Null

    No custom software packages were uploaded.

  • Null

    Overlay files were uploaded, but none are executable.

  • Null

    A boot script is included.


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