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Windows 8 Lite

Published by Andrew
Based on openSUSE 12.2 32-bit x86

If you have a slow computer, speed it up with Windows 8 Lite!
Grant Sieminskie requested a smaller download file because he did not have the time at school to download a 1.4GB file.Plus,he did not have Internet at home.At first I wanted to create a new OS before remembering that I had made another OS with the same name a few days ago.So I just renamed the OS as Windows 8 Lite and created this summary.New logo and wallpaper coming soon!


Downloaded 4647 times Cloned 8761 times

Downloads are no longer available for this appliance, as it is based on an OS version that we no longer support.

You can clone the appliance, then upgrade and build with a current OS version.

Release notes

Changed main interface from Gnome to KDE
Added Virtualbox


1 EULA removed
175 dependencies removed
1 new EULA
17 new dependencies
13 new software selections
2 software selections removed
Build configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: ask_on_first_boot
Time zone: ask_on_first_boot
Language: ask_on_first_boot
Network: ask_on_first_boot
Firewall: enabled


13 patterns, 842 packages
View package list…

Security summary

  • Null

    Only official software sources are included.

  • Null

    No custom software packages were uploaded.

  • Null

    No files were uploaded.

  • Null

    No custom scripts were enabled.


Everyone's comments

chin lalchin lal,

Test drive is not working…


Because older OpenSUSE versions than 13.2 is no longer supported by SUSE Studio Team.

Kursus SEO DepokKursus SEO Depok,

Tampilan Windows 8 sangat lebih Dinamis Seperti tablet maupun seperti smartphone untuk Kursus SEO, komputer yang menggunakan sistem operasi windows 8 juga dilengkapi dengan fitur notifikasi dan juga informasi saat ini Kursus Membuat Website mantab dech

Aceng LuqmanAceng Luqman,

Wahyu Dian PurnomoWahyu Dian Purnomo,

A bit better improvement for minimum hardware ownership. Should support most applications which are supported by its Windows other ‘not-lite’ versions. See also Biaya Umroh 2016
Regards, Kursus Seo-Prapto

Manfaat YoghurtManfaat Yoghurt,

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Aceng LuqmanAceng Luqman,

I’m curious about the minimum requirements to make the running of this application. See Also Umroh Plus Turki

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Md. Abu TaherMd. Abu Taher,

What command I can use to run a music?

Frederick SimmondsFrederick Simmonds,

Upgraded version here!


nicee ~


I cannot use the testdrive!


ME too


Because the version of SUSE is no longer compatible.

Rafael SerranoRafael Serrano,

muchas gracias por el aporte , lo estuve buscando por mas de 8 horas pero derrepente se me ocurrio buscar en las ultimas paginas de google y encontre vuestra pagina.. gracias

Mohammad AdhaMohammad Adha,

where to download it ..?



Amal VonAmal Von,

Ah okay Only need for example name Administrator
pass nothing press enter

Amal VonAmal Von,

fuck login

stanley sambostanley sambo,

I’m stuck on the first boot, I don’t know how to get past the login screen. Please help

Tobias SNTobias SN,

You don’t need a password


Because the one on this page is unavailable.

david buddydavid buddy,

User Password


excelent way to fix many problems… thanks so much

Mario SanchezMario Sanchez,

wow! you are a big man !! :)

richie turnerrichie turner,

I love it i have it running on a virtualbox machine and it is perfect i am verry impressed :D

Quick logo amitQuick logo amit,

thanks! andrew, is there any windows 8 Lite final version available on the net.

Thanks! Again


This is a Linux distro, not the final version of Windows 8. Here is a link to the ISO for Windows 8 Pro:

Quick logo amitQuick logo amit,

sorry if i sound like a NOOB. is this windows 8 original without all bells and whistles. I need to install this on my regular PC, as it is very old laptop i just wanted to make sure that will every software like MS office, internet security works on this just as uaual. Just need confirmation – thanks in advance

Tobias SNTobias SN,

This is a non-Windows Linux distro but the owner thinks he can get noobs to download his distro because they think that this is an actual version of Windows




Version 0.03 is out! Yes, you heard it right.And it has the chance you wanted!


Thank you for the suggestion, KDE will replace Gnome in the next release.

Matthew DavidsonMatthew Davidson,

Hello, I’m confused as to why you called this build Windows 8 Lite. After logging in I am presented with Gnome 3 desktop without tiles or icons. Seems KDE 4 with widgets might be the better route? Seeing it is only build 0.0.2 I guess there is more to come? Other than that the build started and worked extremely well.


Sorry for the delay, new background will come tomorrow.

Usuf KUsuf K,


Grant SieminskieGrant Sieminskie,

also you should check out my os DESKOS 1 and 2. or GamerDESKOS

Grant SieminskieGrant Sieminskie,

thank you andrew. will download soon.

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