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Published by HD Scania
Based on openSUSE Leap 42.1 64-bit x86

GnomeOS and PlasmOS, the respins of the 2 major Linux desktops derived under my NelsonOS

My personal Google timelines here
My official Google blogs here
My official Google collections here
My personal Telegram communities here
My personal Fuckbook timelines here
My official Pages here
My official Fuckbook communities here

Design philosophies

I aim them to be the best GNOME and KDE respins of my own LESS IS MORE traits, which GNOME and KDE are the best known Linux desktops and BOTH are the OpenSuSE desktop to be selectable; ultimately my distro of GNOME and KDE desktops are needed to be made for the current DIE-HARD OpenSuSE clients.

You should have been ready to me if…

  1. First of all, you never mind bleeding (cutting) edge, hence you NEVER mind UNstability, esp you have been a developer.
  2. You need to keep testing the new apps (like Fedora Rawhide and Debian Sid), esp you have been a developer.
  3. You are not lazy, hence never mind to keep upgrading, esp you have been a developer.
  4. Your security standard has been higher than avg, esp you have been a developer.
  5. Your wifi has been poor, if you instead have no wireless devices, your ethernet has been unstable.
  6. Finally, you might NOT switch to a rolling distro unless you are ok to a slight majority of the above rolling traits.

Where have been your source models?

  1. Axel, Prozilla, rEFInd, Telegram source models have been included in NelsonOS for your furthermore developments.
  2. The Tumbleweed apps repo and the source models repo have been maintained AT ALL by the OpenSuSE project, and freely available here.
  3. Finally, I have NOT YET composed my own apps to be installed under my OS appliance, hence common seeing NOTHING which you have been reading my codes.

The similar projects

They have been GeckoGnome, GeckoPlasma, OpenSuSE.

GeckoLinux, a famous OpenSuSE multi-spin (approx) since 2001

Rolling model is my only branch, unlikely GeckoLinux has rolling, ‘next’ (to static), finally static release models, Cinnamon (NelsonOS and default), GNOME, KDE have been up to now my only GUI, unlikely GeckoLinux has ALMOST ALL choices of GUI.
Both of us are zypper and .rpm based and both have been OpenSuSE-derived spins, hence sharing the SuSE communities.

OpenSuSE, the base for SuSE studio

I have been approx 1 to 8 in size to OpenSuSE, and Cinnamon is my default GUI but GNOME and KDE are OpenSuSE ones, although both of us have provided them.
Both of us are zypper and .rpm based and I have been derived on it, hence sharing the SuSE communities.


Downloaded 3 times

Null Physical

Live CD / DVD (.iso)

Use this format if you want to burn your appliance on CD or DVD. This is the easiest way to prepare bootable media. Simply download the .iso file and burn it to disk via any existing OS.

Note: This image is configured for UEFI and may not boot on non-UEFI hardware.

Release notes

Ready for SourceForge since here.

Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: english-us
Time zone: Asia/Taipei
Language: en_GB.UTF-8
Network: disabled
Firewall: enabled


0 patterns, 738 packages
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Security summary


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