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Android Developer's Desktop Remix

Published by prizm
Based on openSUSE 11.3 32-bit x86

NOTE: a new version written from scratch will be out soon, including a modern SDK and less errors in building!

bgta’s Android developer desktop is a great idea, but there is a problem: it’s filled with tons of cruft not needed for a developer’s desktop like Tomboy, GIMP and Empathy, and added some useful things like a git GUI. I’ve drastically decreased the size of the appliance with these changes.

I try and improve on their appliance with this. Also, I’ve switched out the PAE kernel with the standard one, to help it run on more devices.


Downloaded 4506 times Cloned 6770 times

Downloads are no longer available for this appliance, as it is based on an OS version that we no longer support.

You can clone the appliance, then upgrade and build with a current OS version.

Release notes

Updated to openSUSE 11.3.

Reason why it was so late is because it refused to build until recently.


3 dependencies updated
7 new software selections
1 software selection removed
Build configuration updated
Script configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: english-us
Time zone: Etc/GMT
Language: en_US.UTF-8
Network: dhcp
Firewall: disabled


3 patterns, 592 packages
View package list…

Security summary


Everyone's comments

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Cyperpunk WarriorCyperpunk Warrior,

The testdrive is not working. Nothing appears node77. Intel-based Chromebook here , it just
worked with MiniSUSE.. But now it’s giving me the bird..


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Vico PrimaVico Prima,

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Savan PatelSavan Patel,

sorry but how to use it…..

sorry i m new to all about this…


I really don’t maintain this anymore, I’ve lost interest, simply due to the fact it’s screwed up. You’re better off rebuilding from scratch instead of forking this.

Omar QuaziOmar Quazi,

I say you should continue this project. Its still in the Popular Tab! Just remove some parts of it..and maybe build it from JEOS and just add a simple gui….But I love this project, you should continue!

Jatin NagpalJatin Nagpal,

Get it here(redesigned by Jatin):-
It is Live CD/DVD ISO format.
It has latest Android SDK, Amazon Appstore and Google Play Store.
Also openSUSE is updated to 12.2.
Plus I’m updating it, means its development is not stopped.


cool , good :)


Is this 64bit or 32bit?



Gopi P. GopiGopi P. Gopi,

I want to run this on, Can you pls make it live os cd

cool yashcool yash,

downloadding these

Noach BischofNoach Bischof,

Old Suse-Version…if you clone you need to update it and after that, about 50% of the packages aren’t aviable so you are about 2 hours working on getting these errors out and after it still fails…

Noah HudsonNoah Hudson,

Can you make a Live CD build. I want to run this in VMware

Omar QuaziOmar Quazi,

hello check out Promethium its my latest build here is the link: you can also get a free email account visit:! you get a free email account with unlimited storage, FREE! it is a extension of!

-Omar Quazi

Michael TangMichael Tang,

This site is really cool!!! super Cool!! you can make operating systems

Ultimate Softwares (Devin Hepburn)Ultimate Softwares (Devin Hepburn),

good: nice interface good costomisation settings ,rigt click,costom programs

not so good: black desktop backround


Nice job! I love it!

Ashraf TabaaAshraf Tabaa,

how Ican save it on my studio

Tashfeen ChaudhryTashfeen Chaudhry,

super to download it on diffrent way no live cd just clone it and do that ☺

Madhu SudanMadhu Sudan,

+so super open source os

zevi bulkiahzevi bulkiah,

it’s awesome !!!
please tell me how to make a good own OS ????

Saeid AkbariSaeid Akbari,

can you tell me what you have uploaded in this appliance?
I am building a private appliance for myself, I am thinking of adding Android Development
support. but there is no Android SDK in official repositories.

Thanks a lot!


Damn it, I’m having the worst time with building: there’s this ghost dependency that it completely unremovable. Gonna have to get out the big guns…


Building now, expect update in 12h


Snags hit, expect one today or tommorow


or maybe this week or the next


this damn extractor: it’s only making the tarball’s contents readable as root.


it awsome but the web wont work

jay manalejay manale,

it’s awesome

jordan harveyjordan harvey,

thats good but not excellant


Very Nice

Chad RobinsonChad Robinson,

I was thinking this allowed for the ability to modify and build the Android Source. Not just for android app development. Have you thought about including the Android Source for ROM building?

Baptiste RajautBaptiste Rajaut,

How to install it? O_o
Its only a Live version?



Nisarg DesaiNisarg Desai,

how do u created this android using suse studio?????

Nisarg DesaiNisarg Desai,

do did u created this andriod O.S ????


its not android os its a android dev os

Luis riveraLuis rivera,

how can i change it to an image file ( .iso )

Adybo 123Adybo 123,

You can’t

Adybo 123Adybo 123,

(Simple answer)

Game GuyGame Guy,


Lorenzo BurgalassiLorenzo Burgalassi,

Great! Very Appresciated!
Do you know why I’m not able to upgrade SDK tools from 6 to 11? I’ve that message:
“Downloading Android SDK Tools, revision 11
Installing Android SDK Tools, revision 11
Failed to rename directory /usr/local/android-sdk-linux_86/tools to /usr/local/android-sdk-linux_86/temp/ToolPackage.old01.”

Speed ElectronicsSpeed Electronics,

Lo puedes actualizar a 11.4, es que al clonarlo, me precenta problemas.

Speed ElectronicsSpeed Electronics,

Quisiera descargarlos pero en Iso. gracias

robin van eerobin van ee,

How did you get Eclipse? It’s not under packages for me. I want an SDL development OS but every IDE except Eclipse has pretty much dropped support for SDL (or is overall crap).


It’s 11.3. I tried to upgrade it to 11.4 but Eclipse is really dysfunctional/breaking RPM. I’ll upgrade when I feel it is ready.


for next version

Adybo 123Adybo 123,

.vmx/.vmdk by any chance?

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

I think you should switch out Epipany for Firefox

Adybo 123Adybo 123,

Or Chrome


virtual ovf please

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

Clone the appliance and change the image to .ovf


hi !
I loved your over android. Bt one thing I want to tell you that I have learned from this years that every linux distro is filled with tons of unwanted stuff. mind well, unwanted doesn’t means it is not usefull. But for every purpose you will find more than one software. from multimedia to office work you will find duplicated software. But very few have packed essential and yet user friendly GUI based application. Take for example what will an average user do to formate his pendrive ? It is easy for U and me but what about a newbie. Windows success is due to these kind of simple yet important factor. We should work on this kind of stuff. Therefore try to make a simple yet very usefull thing which canbe used “out of box” ! ( without having to connect to internet and searching the repositories… !)

take care !


uhh, my OS FireSlick is 490-500MB and has feature equivalent to ubuntu and fedora and it is still lighter it only has essential software. No duplicates or unwanted software. Check mine out


Is it useful for Android devlopment?

I’m trying to reduce the size of the distro, plus I want to avoid redundancy and uselessness.

If you want a general-purpose distro, you want Ubuntu.

Adybo 123Adybo 123,


Android SDK NOT included (I tested it)


By the way, I’m working on a 11.3 version, but it don’t work :(

Andy FitzsimonAndy Fitzsimon,

very interesting. i’d say gimp and inkscape still belong here for editing android graphics.

removing tomboy and other unrelated packages is greatly appreciated


Personally I prefer minimalistic application sets. Inkscape was just plain huge and GIMP was too. I really don’t think a dev would need an image editor.

Andy FitzsimonAndy Fitzsimon,

actually, you’re probably right. the dependencies are huge for what could be considered sometimes-used software


And besides, it’s probably better for a graphics designer to do this stuff. BTW, could you answer the questionnaire I asked people to fill out below?

Jason MillerJason Miller,

What about people who do both?


Add the packages manually.

Ray LongRay Long,

Clone the appliance; add your own packages.


I want YOU to tell me if I should change these:

*Should I use XFCE or LXDE instead of GNOME?
*Should I remove Eclipse?
*Anything else?

Andy FitzsimonAndy Fitzsimon,

no opinion on removing eclipse. I don’t use it.
gnome is probably still best however lxde if size really does matter.

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

- I would keep gnome, because I honestly don’t like XFCE or LXDE. But like Andy said if size matters, use LXDE.
- I would keep eclipse.

Jason MillerJason Miller,

GNOME is fine, and it’s polished. Eclipse is a huge seeping bucket of trash.


But it’s the recommended IDE of Android…

I hate it too, but want to make sure people use it.

Cristian MesselCristian Messel,

Eclipse IDE is VERY useful for android. Since I started developing android apps that thing helped A LOT! It is incredibly useful in this case and in my opinion it should not be removed!

Garami GáborGarami Gábor,

Netbeans has Android support too through plugin, so I don’t thing Eclipse can be better. I tried both IDE, and I choosen NetBeans for Android development (too).

lukman nur wahidlukman nur wahid,

Andrew SullivanAndrew Sullivan,
  • Keep GNOME or use LXDE instead;
  • No! Eclipse is the official Android IDE, so it must be here
  • Choromium instead/aside with Firefox
Darshak ParikhDarshak Parikh,

How about MATE? It’s a better, mature evolution of GNOME, and not much heavier than it. LXDE is something you soon get bored with.

lukman nur wahidlukman nur wahid,

Testing. Android for desktop is great i think. What is MATE? diet

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