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Samsara JeOS

Published by Chris, LIN
Based on openSUSE Leap 42.1 64-bit x86

Saṃsāra is a Just Enough Operating System developed in Singapore in conjunction with Novell originally targeting legacy devices, desktops, and workstations. It is is a Linux-kernel based desktop operating system. Initially known as “Moon” named after a girl ‘tjldoreen’, who is a moonchild born in July and whose other internet handle since the 21st century has been ‘yue’ i.e. the Chinese transliteration of the lunar moon, the 0.0.x versions of this research project are pre-alpha. Adopted too is a GNU GPL End User License Agreement. Saṃsāra is a secular project. It is designed by non-monastics, for non-monastics.


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Live CD / DVD (.iso)

Use this format if you want to burn your appliance on CD or DVD. This is the easiest way to prepare bootable media. Simply download the .iso file and burn it to disk via any existing OS.

Release notes

After several rounds of feasibility experimentation, the Saṃsāra feasibility prototyping intends on fully adopting Leap 42.1 on a 64 bit basis, hence dispensing firstly with 32 bit prototyping at this point because should the intention be recycling old machines, even the old machines available in the inventory are strictly 64 bit machines. The concern here is more about whether did the old machines come with Windows Vista hence without UEFI support, or do they come with UEFI and Windows recovery partitions. In other words, addressing UEFI compatibility is more pressing an immediate and intermediate concern than 32 bit backward compatibility, as a 64 bit machine can cost at best $300 these days even.

Where 32 bit support are concerned, openSUSE is less of an operating system that I may recommend, in fact, if users want to refurbish old 32 bit Intel, AMD or ARM machines, they should be on the look out of legacy Micrsoft Windows Vista, XP licenses and ISO images instead since most old commercial vendor machines once shipped with at least one OEM license, which is outside the scope of our research prototyping here. Furthermore, in cases of linux users, these 32 bit Intel, AMD or ARM machines are also compatible with Debian, and there are still loads of Debian ftp sites out there which again is outside the scope of this feasibility study. The Saṃsāra feasibility prototyping hence can fully adopt Leap 42.1 on a 64 bit basis, such a focus ease our views away from polygamous intentions which only complicate matters instead of helping us make ends meet.

This 0.0.2 is hence an important decision as in the event that any other prototypes be developed either via SUSE Enterprise or other SUSE distributions, we establish Saṃsāra as-is, it is akin to having potentially more than one offspring in a marriage, yet the first one is definitive of why we wanted kids in the first place, i.e. Saṃsāra as a prototype is definitively why we needed this fork of a Linux operating system in the very first place.


1 EULA removed
14 dependencies updated
1 new EULA
21 new dependencies
2 new software selections
Build configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: english-us
Time zone: UTC
Language: POSIX
Network: dhcp
Firewall: disabled


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Security summary


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