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Illumination Software Creation Station

Published by Bryan Lunduke
Based on openSUSE 11.3 32-bit x86

The Illumination Software Creation Station allows you to immediately jump in to the wonderful world of creating your own desktop and web software. The best part? No software programming skills or knowledge is necessary. All software is created visually, in an easy to understand way for people of any skill level – from elementary school students through seasoned software programmers.


Downloaded 2903 times Cloned 1 time

Downloads are no longer available for this appliance, as it is based on an OS version that we no longer support.

Release notes

- Updated to include version 3.0 of Illumination Software Creator (which includes support for generating iOS projects).
- New and updated PDF tutorials.


1 EULA removed
1 file updated
1 new EULA
5 new files
Build configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: english-us
Time zone: ask_on_first_boot
Language: en_US.UTF-8
Network: dhcp
Firewall: enabled


5 patterns, 591 packages
View package list…

Security summary


Everyone's comments

Duck WareDuck Ware,

I would try it, but it my web wont let me.

Duck WareDuck Ware,

by the way, sounds great!

Duck WareDuck Ware,

let me know

Duck WareDuck Ware,

when a new version comes out!

Duck WareDuck Ware,

Let me know when a new version comes out.


can i know how did u remove the suse branding

David BeckerDavid Becker,

any plans on releasing an updated version?

roberto gilliroberto gilli,

do it contain all the package? i.e. iOS, Android, Flex etc?
Why can I not clone the project? I need a Italian keyboard.

Marcel MachadoMarcel Machado,

who can tell me how to disable cloing on an appliance?


good job sir but would you mind checking out my two favourite OS’s linux leopard and cdisk

Soft RanksSoft Ranks,

At least let us clone

Brendan JuddBrendan Judd,

*_+How Much Is the OS?*_+

Brendan JuddBrendan Judd,

The Testdrive runs soothe

Brendan JuddBrendan Judd,

oopss spelled Smooth Wrong


Wow this is italic_GR8_italic!!! Love it, will download it!

Maybe (LOL)


Oops, first comment I made I meant:
Wow this is GR8!!! Love it, will download it!

Maybe (LOL)


i need to know


dude how did you created it please teelllllllllllllllll


He’s not going to say. End Of. Goodbye. The End.


dude i tried it tell me how did you make it


is the download free




i need to know much about the software. if i find it good i will pay tilll $100 for this software


The os is for trying Illumination software. You only purchase the software, not the appliance.


this is good

vishwajeet narwalvishwajeet narwal,

hey this is a site for opensource,you should have this here if you are providing this as free


start up kind of slow… but this is amazing!

Chakshu TandonChakshu Tandon,

good os but you should make startup faster it starts up too many applictions and what not. Other than that , great.


@Chris Morgan, did you try the command

su -c ’Insert the command your trying to do here"

Chris MorganChris Morgan,

Without sudo privileges, I’m unable to install guest additions when imported into VBOX. Therefore working with a tiny screen. Any work-around?


Login to Root is root & pw: linux. You can find various guides on how to unlock this and add yourself to the sudoers list.


who is this great operating system!

Ibrahem MasriIbrahem Masri,

u mean that we can make our own desktop please answer


Wow! I love this! I’m quite good at PHP and web based stuff but never anything to do with writing software. This is a great tool!


Great job, Im loving it!!!

radek marekradek marek,

Bryan just made a test ride and its awesome . :)

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

Congratulations on being the featured appliance of the week!

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

This is a really helpful appliance!

Cornelius SchumacherCornelius Schumacher,

Wow, this great. I didn’t know about Illumination Software Creator yet. But this appliance is a great way to try it out.

James MasonJames Mason,

Congratulations on getting this published!

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

Anyone can get published

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