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PJS VMware Open View 4 - small

Published by P Shoaf
Based on openSUSE 11.3 32-bit x86

Bootable Linux Thin Client that autoloads and runs VMware View 4.5 Open Client. Linux boots on all Intel P4 and above systems. Need min of 256M of RAM. System has problems booting on AMD K6 cpu based systems. Has SSH, sftpd support.


Downloaded 1352 times Cloned 470 times

Downloads are no longer available for this appliance, as it is based on an OS version that we no longer support.

You can clone the appliance, then upgrade and build with a current OS version.

Release notes

Updated VMware-view-open-client to latest version.


45 dependencies removed
261 dependencies updated
20 new dependencies
4 new software selections
1 software selection removed
Build configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: english-us
Time zone: America/New_York
Language: en_US.UTF-8
Network: dhcp
Firewall: disabled


2 patterns, 275 packages
View package list…

Security summary

  • Null

    Includes the following unofficial sources:

    pshoaf openSUSE 11.2 ,
    pshoaf openSUSE 11.3
  • Null

    The following software packages were uploaded:

  • Null

    Executable files were uploaded.

  • Null

    No custom scripts were enabled.


Everyone's comments

Vishal KothariVishal Kothari,

Checkout my new ManOs at

Sumit RoySumit Roy,

Hey Guys! Check Out my new build Athena OS at


Any ideas on how to get sound working?

I’ve tried adding the alsa, alsa-utils, and alsa-firmware RPMs but haven’t had any luck.

Andrei SofronAndrei Sofron,

Does it support Via chipset and CPU (C7)?

Muhammad AdnanMuhammad Adnan,

how can I change keyboard setting, it is US at the moment but I want to it to be UK when i clone the CD and change the keyboard to UK but it is clone copy keep comes back with US ?

What I am doing wrong? prompt response is highly appreciated

Joshua OsbistonJoshua Osbiston,

Has anyone had an issue with audio? vmware view config has “redirect=sound:local” but XP VM does not pick it up

Zakariya StasaZakariya Stasa,

What is the hostname or IP Adress?
I have never used vmvare view open cilent please help?

charles millscharles mills,

Great work… Virtualization at its finest.


Has anybody figured out how to make this PXE boot?


I love this live cd and it works great. But i’m looking for a open client that supports PCOIP and a dual monitor config. Do you have any plans for this? Do you know of any other live cds that already do this?


the HP thin clint download will allow you to connect PCoIP. Unpack it and you only need tro run the one file.

P ShoafP Shoaf,

Where can I find the HP Thin Client Download? What kind of license is required?


plz look at my OS at

john millerjohn miller,

Congratulations you are related to the spin off OS Kyuuqsoft Aquais OS it’s called Aquais FLP


Getting intermittent problems with DHCP4, sometimes it says running in background and sometimes it fails, it seems to pick up the NIC ok


Your latest version now works with the keyboard however cant seem to find the NIC on the dell machine. Any Ideas? Thanks for all your help!!!

P ShoafP Shoaf,

Not sure, I will look at my nic drivers and see if others are available. Can you let me know which brand nic is in your Dell?


Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet adapter- Thanks for all your help!!!!

Roberta JoeRoberta Joe,

The keyboard and mouse do not work for me either.


Anyway you could add a VNC client to add remote shadowing capabilities?

P ShoafP Shoaf,

I was trying to keep everything as small as possible. TigerVNC could be added, but that would probably increase the amount of RAM needed. Some other X components may be required as well.

Evan S. TallasEvan S. Tallas,

No Keyboard or Mouse for me on multiple machines or in running in a VM under Fusion. Definitely need something like this though.


Cloned it the converted to a VMware, keyboard and mouse don’t work. I really like the idea of this and hope updates are made available.

Is there any way to get around the P4 requirement and get this to work on a PIII ? I have lots of Dell Optiplex GX110’s and the idea of re-purposing them until some some more money gets budgeted to me sounds appealing. If Open View 4 absolutely needs the CPU power then I guess I’ll have to buy some more thin clients but I still could load this on some of our old P4’s

P ShoafP Shoaf,

I have not tried using a PIII chip, it may work. VMware recommends a P4 chip and 256M of Ram for a Linux Thin Client machine. I do know for a fact that the AMD K6 CPUs do NOT work. I tried several.

George BoskovichGeorge Boskovich,

The KB and Mouse is not working for me also. I tried it on Dell Optiplex GX260, GX270 and GX280… Any help would be appreciated.

P ShoafP Shoaf,

I have found the problem with KB/Mouse on Dell machines. I have added the X11-input drivers and hope to post the update with pkg.


Keyboard and mouse don’t seem to work for me. Any ideas?


i would like suggest you one thing in your appliance. you should use busybox to minimization of os size. That will be more perfect for Linux Thin Client (Vmware Open view).


Thank you for Linux thin client. I’m glad to see this on the appliance gallery.

Brandon WilliamsBrandon Williams,

I’m glad to see this on the appliance gallery. This image is based on work I did several months ago, and I’m happy to see that others have found it useful.

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