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miniMAX Linux

Published by Gabriel
Based on openSUSE 13.2 32-bit x86

The miniMAX Linux is a minimal appliance of openSUSE with IceWM default graphic interface. Is minimal, but MAX!

In this appliance, are included this main applications:

The miniMAX Linux is build to install in olds computers or basic computers, as an netbook.

Social: follow @minimaxlinux on Twitter and like on Facebook. Go to for new releases and updates.


Downloaded 199 times Cloned 83 times

Downloads are no longer available for this appliance, as it is based on an OS version that we no longer support.

You can clone the appliance, then upgrade and build with a current OS version.

Release notes

This is a software upgrade version

Upgraded to openSUSE 13.2.


89 dependencies removed
850 dependencies updated
173 new dependencies
3 new repositories
6 new software selections
2 repositories removed
10 software selections removed
Build configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: ask_on_first_boot
Time zone: ask_on_first_boot
Language: ask_on_first_boot
Network: dhcp
Firewall: enabled


0 patterns, 1023 packages
View package list…

Security summary

  • Null

    Includes the following unofficial sources:

    Videolan-12.3 ,
    gabbielsan openSUSE 12.3 ,
    gabbielsan openSUSE 13.1
  • Null

    No custom software packages were uploaded.

  • Null

    Overlay files were uploaded, but none are executable.

  • Null

    No custom scripts were enabled.


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