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Cr OS Linux

Published by Chrome Linux
Based on openSUSE 12.2 32-bit x86
Homepage at

Cr OS Linux (formerly Chrome OS Linux) is a free operating system built around the revolutionary Google Chromium browser.

How to install: Download the iso file and burn it into DVD-R. Boot the computer from it and when Chrome OS Linux is loaded, click Live Installer on the desktop. Follow the instructions.

User password: user
Root password: root

Chrome Linux is not related to Google.


Downloaded 14524 times Cloned 5312 times

Downloads are no longer available for this appliance, as it is based on an OS version that we no longer support.

You can clone the appliance, then upgrade and build with a current OS version.

Release notes

This is the brand new Cr OS Linux based on openSUSE 12.2 with Cinnamon desktop environment and InSync beta client for Google Drive!

Featured software in Cr OS Linux 2.4.1290:

- Linux kernel 3.6.5 NEW!
- Cinnamon 1.6.6 desktop environment NEW!
- Chromium 24.0.1290 web browser NEW!
- InSync beta 10 client for Google Drive NEW!
- Banshee 2.4 media player
- Shotwell 0.12 photo manager
- GIMP 2.8 image editor
- LibreOffice 3.5 office suite
- Wine 1.5 Windows emulator
- Cheese 3.4 webcam app NEW!
- Pidgin 2.10 instant messenger
- Dashboard with the social toolbar
- Control Center
- and much more!

If Cinnamon couldn’t load, log out and choose Cinnamon 2D session at logon.


1 file removed
2 files updated
1 new file
2 new software selections
Build configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: english-us
Time zone: America/New_York
Language: en_US.UTF-8
Network: network_manager
Firewall: enabled


9 patterns, 1006 packages
View package list…

Security summary


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Everyone's comments

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olaf jacksonolaf jackson,

the new cinnamon desktop environment is awesome! you guys rock!
when can i expect the newer release of this? hannah

olaf jacksonolaf jackson,

lol i’m using my boyfriend’s mail to login.
i’ve been searching all over this site and can’t find the newer edition of this Hannah


There is no newer edition, they stopped updating it after this one.

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waw nice!!

Adam Nash HartleyAdam Nash Hartley,

Downloads are no longer available for this appliance, as it is based on an OS version that they no longer support. Go to my account to download my version.

Phillip HarryPhillip Harry,

how do you add cinnamon


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András FEHÉRAndrás FEHÉR,

Menu items too big (out of my screen (EEEPC).

Jhon OTJhon OT,

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Noah J. HokeNoah J. Hoke,

Does it actually connect to your *bold*Google *bold*Drive? Is it like the Chrome OS on a ChromeBook?


The InSync app connects to your Google Drive. It’s not quite like Chrome OS, it’s more like Linux Mint prioritising on Chromium rather than other apps.

Adam Nash HartleyAdam Nash Hartley,

Me: Because your using the Open-Source Chromium Browser, it is less supported or maintained, so they do not receive auto-updates. We do NOT recommend using this browser any more. To obtain the latest, supported version of our project, please refer to my account . Also, why the Heck are you using Flash Player 11.2?
You: Adobe Flash Player 11.2 will be the last version to target Linux as a supported platform. Adobe will continue to provide security backports to Flash Player 11.2 for Linux.
Me: How Stupid. Cyclomaniacs Epic will NOT work on 11.2 or lower.


He/They’re using Flash Player 11.2 because it’s the latest version for linux, Adobe won’t release any more versions :(

Gauthier JolyGauthier Joly,

Téléchargement trop long 3jour, 12heur ……. :(

ryel banfieldryel banfield,

i cant connect to my wireless and i dont have a LAN cable so pls help

William StoneWilliam Stone,

Beautiful, very intuitive. But, if you were going for a Google Chrome OS-like linux distro, try removing the menu button and adding a desktop shortcut.

Dr. HacknikDr. Hacknik,

i booted this on my wii!

Adam Nash HartleyAdam Nash Hartley,

This has an OLD version of flash, do not use this version with CHROMIUM! Try this instead:

Philipp NeckerPhilipp Necker,

problems with displaysize and menu…

inderpreet badeshainderpreet badesha,

chromium keeps on saying server not found
and what did you use for it gnome or kd4 or wich one

Ice Software UKIce Software UK,

Could someone be nice and check out my Chrome OS

solmyr no devicesolmyr no device,

program can i use to burn an imange to usb flash drive ?

Dwayne TauzinDwayne Tauzin,

This is the best boot-able USB writing app out there have used it for all types of Operating Systems.
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Eldin HadzicEldin Hadzic,

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I made a chorme os and its made from this one


Thanks for the image. It has been helpful in raising a bug request . Newer version of GTK YaST in openSUSE 12.3 is missing some options that was present in 12.2

mark eemark ee,

hi – i have been struggling with something called “ndiswrapper” and it seems that modprobe cannot see it, after its been installed.

i would like to use chrome with my wireless card.


Abe AllenAbe Allen,

what is the password


I see this at the top
User password: user
Root password: root


Check out my cool new website

Ice Software UKIce Software UK,

Like the OS, But please dont say to people that they cloned it.

Dylan DsouzaDylan Dsouza,

Check out my chrome os type chromeos in the search bar.

Lee ParsonsLee Parsons,

On your OS what packages did you use for the audio, how did you get them working and how did you get it to show in the taskbar?


Lee ParsonsLee Parsons,

On your OS what packages did you use for the network and how did you get it to show in the taskbar?


Linlin SiLinlin Si,

Hi, I just installed version 2.4.1290. When I was installing, I chose something like" squeeze windows to **size" In the disk tab, after the installation completed. Is there a way I can still boot to my old Windows?

Ice Software UKIce Software UK,

yes you can, All computers can dual boot, i can’t help you figure out which button it is because i don’t know which computer you are using

Ck AsuxCk Asux,

is there ather ways to install .or do i have to buy cds .comman line prefer


Please Clone Comment and Download!


Would You Guys Like to Ry My New OS? It is Called Project Splash Updat-1.0.3 (Latest Update)

JB TripleBJB TripleB,

I tried all three methods; USB, Boot from CD, and VMware..All worked fine except No sound in VMware. Any Ideas? I also noticed a scroll lock bug while running in VMware.

Marco ScarantinoMarco Scarantino,

i have tried, it, but external storage drive cannot be auto mounted, so OS has its limits
please help if you know how to detect external storage drives


Hi, Splashtop 1.0.3 is not in Loxio Support anymore. Please try out KDE4 Loxio Relaunch. I have made this OS alot better then previous versions and it uses KDE 4 (obviously from the title) so give it a try. If you need help please comment and I will help you out the best I can. Thank you!


the login & pasword did not work.


great thanks



[not set],

Good distro, I saw a few books on a few distros like this. If you make it good people will come.

Shifat TaushifShifat Taushif,

Chromium isn’t the same as Google Chrome. Chromium does not come with the 3rd party stuff (eg: flash)

Nice distro though.

Axioo OSAxioo OS,

Indonesia Bisa Bikin OS DISINI

Jeremy James LoaJeremy James Loa,

iya… saya juga bisa , saya yang ngebuat “ZEATH OS SP 3”. saya orang indonesia kok… :)

Roberto IzziRoberto Izzi,

Some screenshots of Cr OS Linux 2.2.1226 here:

Robb ShecterRobb Shecter,

See Hexxeh’s downloads for the real Chrome OS.

Robb ShecterRobb Shecter,

I don’t know what this is, but it’s not Chrome OS.


it asks for a login ??!

Koen BergmansKoen Bergmans,

Can I install it as a multiboot on an existing Windows machine? I have a spare partition.

Robert PharrisRobert Pharris,

I want to install this on my laptop, not run it off of a USB or DVD. Which download should I get for this? Thanks!

Chrome LinuxChrome Linux,

Get the ISO image, burn it into a DVD-R, boot your laptop from it, click Live Installer on the desktop, type password: root and follow the wizard!

Faisal AslamFaisal Aslam,

Image writer for the SUSE didn’t work on my Windows 7. After completing the process, I tried to open my usb and it show format option.
Help me please

Chrome LinuxChrome Linux,

Your USB disk now has Linux filesystem, so it’s not recognizable in Windows. Just boot your computer from it!

Sumit RoySumit Roy,

hey guys check out my build Athena OS

Gunner HooperGunner Hooper,

I made a Linux Distribuion with suse studio and it’s called Gunner Hooper Eagle SUSE . Have Any Questions about it please email me at .


:( :( really wanted to install this but my HP laptop has some sort of combo drive that reads dvd’s but doesn’t burn them… 717 mb? couldn’t you shave off 17 mb?

Chrome LinuxChrome Linux,

Sorry, there is a lot of fresh software on it. You can try to overburn a CD-R.

Candrax KerenCandrax Keren,

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USB & disk image seems to be corrupted.

Chrome LinuxChrome Linux,

It’s not, since it’s built and hosted directly by SUSE Studio. Check the MD5 sum.


Make sure you inform ppl they need latest unpacker for this, I’ve been using slightly older and although it did unpack the file without popping any errors it had corrupted it.


Can i add chrome os its repositories to KDE4 ??

Werner MöllerWerner Möller,

…so itś SUSE Chrome, not origin Google – but why can ‘t I connect using wnw stick 4 D1 UMTS to t-online ?
gnome-network-manager 0.8.2 can ´t identify my huawei E176 – all other linuxes have no problems (actual ubuntu 11.10, win7 too…).
alternate linux standard modem connection “wvdial” is not implemented (common in most linuxes) it’s helpful, if nm-applet doesn ´t work succesfully.
…so I can ’ t connect to internet

will try to copy wvdial from suse server…hope it will be a troubleshooter ?

..have android on samsung-tablet 10.1 in use – and itś great, just with small 16 MB storage and so easy to use


This release does not seem able to display Asian Languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean correctly. It still does not work even after their fonts have been loaded.

Chrome OS Lime by Hexxeh, on the other hand, correctly displays these without any configuration, and it is also much faster.

I run these OS on USB.

Domination ProducationDomination Producation,

Wy google dont put THIS os in a chromebook! Its much mug better!!!,

I like it but is slow…

Chrome LinuxChrome Linux,

Now it’s much faster thanks to a brand new Linux kernel!




what’s it got to do with chrome?

Chrome LinuxChrome Linux,

It incorporates always the latest version of the fastest and most secure web browser Google Chrome!

Vin BoyVin Boy,

This is pretty good, although the file is huge… Too bad we can’t compress it…

Chrome LinuxChrome Linux,

Sorry, you can’t. However, you can download it, install and customize.

Mike TMike T,

I just thought i would add this for those of you who want the Google Chrome OS, It is available here

But be warned all it is, is the Google chrome browser thats all it is, thats your whole desktop . There is no accessing your files like windows or linux or mac . Theres no fancy widgets or anything ! This is made for netbooks .

Chrome LinuxChrome Linux,

And that is where Chrome OS Linux comes in! A new version has just arrived!


That’s what’s good about Chrome Linux. I don’t know anybody who just wants a browser. They usually want a familiar desktop, apps, office, and games. Chrome Linux has all of those :-)

aa aaaa aa,

Chrome OS is made by Google, not Hexxeh. You can’t download Chrome 0S, you can only get it on a “Chromebook”.

Audi BaileyAudi Bailey,

Chrome Is A Browser Not OS And The OS Isn’t Even Got Chrome Programming Stuff With It!!

Audi BaileyAudi Bailey,

Soz I Didn’t See Sources Take It All Back


This Charles guy is a idiot. It’s based on Slackware. Not Craptoonbu.

Francisco GómezFrancisco Gómez,

This Linux can confuse to the people… Most of them think they’re downloading Google Chrome OS, that only works with a browser. But when they discover that is not…

Hey, is a good OS! But I initially thought that it was like official Chrome OS…

Charles KeislerCharles Keisler,

This Is Fake the real Chrome OS is based off Ubuntu, not SUSE, and is not downloadable it only comes preinstalled on hardware designed for it. Visit for more information on the REAL Chrome OS

Chrome LinuxChrome Linux,

Relax. This is not “Google Chrome OS”, but “Chrome OS Linux” and it is not related to Google, which has already been stated above and below. So start reading and not duplicating.

Charles KeislerCharles Keisler,

This Is Fake the real Chrome OS is based off Ubuntu, not SUSE, and is not downloadable it only comes preinstalled on hardware designed for it. Visit for more information on the REAL Chrome OS

Hexxah 24Hexxah 24,

Perfeto! But, it I can close right out.

Blue GenBlue Gen,

chrome os is already invented that is on wikipedia

Chrome LinuxChrome Linux,

“Google Chrome OS”, unlike “Chrome OS”, does not exist yet!

Hexxah 24Hexxah 24,

No.It does exist There diffrent saying but they mean the same thing.

Alex OngAlex Ong,

Is this the only Google Chrome OS in the world now? Is Chrome OS=Google Chrome OS?

Alex OngAlex Ong,

Sorry I mean Google Chrome OS=Chrome OS Linux?


Google still has their Google Chrome OS. Chrome Linux isn’t going to replace it. This is just a Linux distro that mimics the feel of Chrome OS, with added stuff

Hexxah 24Hexxah 24,

I know.

Chrome LinuxChrome Linux,

you can test it by downloading the iso file and running it in VirtualBox

zac babarzac babar,

can i clone this to test it

Hexxah 24Hexxah 24,

Yes I did that


THIS is the Chrome OS I followed.
BTW, give it the google chrome logo.


??? It already has the logo.

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