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LAMP Server (32bit)

Published by James Tan
Based on openSUSE 11.4 32-bit x86

LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (plus Perl & Python).

There’s also a 64 bit version.


Downloaded 4567 times Cloned 5857 times

Downloads are no longer available for this appliance, as it is based on an OS version that we no longer support.

You can clone the appliance, then upgrade and build with a current OS version.

Release notes

Updated to openSUSE 11.4, and added more formats.


1 account removed
35 dependencies removed
241 dependencies updated
46 new dependencies
14 new software selections
3 software selections removed
Appliance configuration updated
Build configuration updated
General configuration updated
Script configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: english-us
Time zone: Etc/UTC
Language: en_US.UTF-8
Network: dhcp
Firewall: disabled


1 patterns, 291 packages
View package list…

Security summary

  • Null

    Only official software sources are included.

  • Null

    No custom software packages were uploaded.

  • Null

    No files were uploaded.

  • Null

    No custom scripts were enabled.


Everyone's comments

Feby YollaFeby Yolla,

i newbie for linux, wanto to know deeply and mastering it. thanks for the information about linux. obat atau jamu penyubur kandungan

Feby YollaFeby Yolla,
atau jamu penyubur kandungan[/url]
Andre JuanAndre Juan,

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khaled gadkhaled gad,

what is the mysql user and password

when i write
mysql -u root – p
Enter Password: root


mysql -u root – p
Enter Password: linux

it always return access denied for user root@localhost

how i can use mysql , i want to setup phpmyadmin


The firewall is missing

Ice Software UKIce Software UK,

Ultra OS X has been replaced by Desk-KDE 3

Alex DokAlex Dok,

lol its havent apt-get or aptitude or yum)))))
zero useless

Junaid FarooqJunaid Farooq,

is this can be used for PHP,html and css???

AJ JohnsonAJ Johnson,

How do I get apache to see the PHP. I used phpinfo(); and nothing happened.
Thank you

Robertson PenaroyoRobertson Penaroyo,

I think it would be much better if a server desktop is 64-bit.

James TanJames Tan,

There’s a 64-bit version at—2. I’ve also added it to the description so it’s easier to find.


Hello check out “openOS”, it´s perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sumit RoySumit Roy,

Hey Guys! Check Out my new build Athena OS at

Ilya KotovIlya Kotov,

it’s server, idiot

Daniel Bingham Jr.Daniel Bingham Jr.,

most servers don’t have a “graphical” uhm… i think you mean GUI.

snowcrusher dimisnowcrusher dimi,

double facepalm (one for me, one for you :P)…servers don’t need a UI cause the administrators of them know how to use a PC correctly.

Tashfeen ChaudhryTashfeen Chaudhry,

u know what a server is fliping no point facepalm

Ice Software UKIce Software UK,

the only server i know that has a GUI is the Windows Servers

Andrew Angelo BarrientosAndrew Angelo Barrientos,

are you a stupid? servers doesn’t have GUIs, if you see one of them that has GUI, it’s windows server…

and hey you just got pwnd by a 13 y’o chemist

have a shame duchbag

ryan hazryan haz,

Doesn’t want to install, what am i doing wrong? Its suppose to be step by step, and it wont even boot from the damn hard disk, only the cd. And i am using preload iso.

Eike lEike l,

I cant log in with root:linux in a vm. Sorry, but do i miss something?


i love this susestudio very much and it’s very usefull

Efstathios IosifidisEfstathios Iosifidis,


I’m trying to create an appliance that will apache2 and mysql will run after installation.
Until now I managed to run only apache2.
I can start mysql manually but I would like to be automatic.


Andrew Angelo BarrientosAndrew Angelo Barrientos,

when you create one, at the portion where you will upload the MySQL there must be a checkbox where it says: start MySQL automatically, but there are some choices where there is no checkbox that you can start MySQL automatically

Frank FischerFrank Fischer,

how i can add more users to use ftp?
like ftpuser1 only allow upload to /srv/www/htdocs/ftpuser1
and ftpuser2 only allow upload to /srv/www/htdocs/ftpuser2
any ideas?

James TanJames Tan,

@Frank I’m not sure which FTP program you are using and what’s your exact use case. Maybe the guide at helps?

Sukhjinder KainthSukhjinder Kainth,

How can I add/start enlightenment or icewm this appliance. Also how can I install new software, yum/apt-get/yast/zypp do not seem to be working. Please advice.


James TanJames Tan,

zypper should work.


How to make a USB bootable , from LAMP_Server_32bit.i686-2.0.0.raw .
i am a newbie
please help me …..

James TanJames Tan,

You can refer to the guide at

Amrit RathiAmrit Rathi,

thanks for this! i’ve been looking for it.. cloned and added KDE and jdk and usual stuff.. :)


Hi, I’m new to all of this. I opted to install this on virtualbox on my mac rather than parallels. I got the virtual machine to connect to the internet and I have access to the server from my host.

I’m stuck at loading the shared folders. I chose install guest additions from the menu, and can see the iso being loaded. But I have no idea how to mount the cdrom.

So I used yast to install virtualbox-guest-tools.

Now running “mount -t vboxsf cg -o uid=1000 cg” gives me an error saying mount.vboxsf was not found. Is there a way I can mount the cdrom? or go go somewhere for help?

Thanks a ton for the excellent lamp server! works on it’s first try!

Sesse GipflmüzSesse Gipflmüz,

hi, i cant find htdocs folder. Am i right, this should be some where?


where did you find it?

James TanJames Tan,

It’s in /srv/www/htdocs.

Rafael BelmonteRafael Belmonte,

For those people who want a GUI: IceWM, LXDE, or XFCE are light and do not waste much space nor much resources.
But are they really needed in a server?


ok it was the terminal prompt i got around it, i am new to linux, i am not able to get to the GUI any tutorials for openSUSE LAMP

James TanJames Tan,

It’s just a regular Linux / openSUSE terminal.


IT ASKS FOR linux-feak:~ #

Arun JosephArun Joseph,

Can any one tell me how do I run this OS with the help of VM Ware?? I mean the installation notes!

James TanJames Tan,

Try looking at the guides on the wiki

yo staryo star,



Is it possiable to add a simple GUI cause thats what I’m doing.

noah stridenoah stride,

bold italic strikethrough text cool bean looking for lamp for ages that for once less setup is needed


nice os congratulations





u say servers dont have GUI’s then what do u call the interface for windows 2k3 server, 2k8 server, 2k server??

Whacko WhiteyWhacko Whitey,

Real Linux servers do not have guis man, and Windows Server operating systems are resource hogs compared to a nice frugal Linux server O.S.

And you call it old timey junk? wow dude… you need to learn some cli. Good thing you don’t work on routers and switches!


Just because Windows Server has a GUI, doesn’t mean every server has to have one too.

James TanJames Tan,

Just install your preferred window manager (eg. XFCE, IceWM, GNOME, KDE, …) if you want to have a GUI.

Ice Software UKIce Software UK,

What do you mean, go into software and select desktop, then what ever GUI you want. If thats the answer i dont know if it will work i did try but i messed up =(. The reason for me asking cos im doing an apache web server

James TanJames Tan,

Actually, LAMP is the correct term.

Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart,

Technically you could be correct however LAMPP is most also valid because you have added perl or python. LAMP typically refers to a stack that has Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP Hence LAMP when you add Perl or Python you get LAMPP. XAMPP has a LAMPP stack and there are a few others. Just Saying…

Trevor RayTrevor Ray,

Finally someone with some actual sense. _

Lamb PoastLamb Poast,

Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (plus Perl & Python). = LAMPPP !?!?!?!?!?!


runs horrible on my horrible system …lol

Kevin AKevin A,

Thanks does this include developement environments for php and sql

Jackson RobertsJackson Roberts,

Does it have a GUI? If someone could make a server OS with a GUI it would be revolutionary.


The reason servers don’t have GUI’s is to save space. The server is usually controlled by another computer with a GUI (Some FTP Software should do it). A Server OS with a GUI wouldn’t be good at all, infact it would probably fail. And anyway – most of the software included with this OS (and other server software) is controlled by the command line so a GUI would be pointless.

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

I actually agree with Jackson because then non-techie people could easily mange it.

Alan CotaAlan Cota,

Great appliance! Tks! =)


Is apache configured with fastcgi?


would you consider adding SSL to apache? Some exemplary site?

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