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Published by Jacob Rask
Based on openSUSE 11.4 32-bit x86

BrowserBox is a an appliance for web developers and QA’s to do cross browser testing. It includes 20 versions of 12 different browsers.

Tired of downloading and installing lots of browsers everywhere you need to do your work? Try BrowserBox! :)


  • Android Browser 4.0 (2.2) (WebKit 533.1) – through the Android SDK
  • Arora 0.11.0 (WebKit 533.3)
  • Google Chrome 7.0.517.44 (WebKit 534.7)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Gecko 20081217)
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0.19 (Gecko 2010031218)
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6.15 (Gecko 20110303)
  • Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1 (Gecko 2010101)
  • Mozilla Firefox Mobile (Fennec) 4.0.1 (Gecko 20110415)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (Trident) – installation script, runs in Wine
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 (Trident) – installation script, runs in Wine
  • KDE Konqueror 4.6 (KHTML 4.6.0)
  • Lynx 2.8.7 (libwww-FM 2.14)
  • Opera 9.64 (Presto 2.1.1)
  • Opera 10.10 (Presto 2.2)
  • Opera 10.63 (Presto 2.6.30)
  • Opera 11.11 (Presto 2.8.131)
  • Opera Mini 4.3 (Presto/2.5.25 on server) – runs in MicroEmulator 2.0.4
  • Opera Mini 6 (Presto/2.5.25 on server) – runs in MicroEmulator 2.0.4
  • Opera Mobile 11 (Presto 2.5.28)
  • Apple Safari 5.0.1 (WebKit 533.18.1) – installation script, runs in Wine


Safari & Internet Explorer

Download- and installation scripts are included in BrowserBox – not the actual browsers.

  • Cannot be installed when running a Live CD.
  • Don’t run installers for more than one of these at the same time. If something fails, you can reinstall through System → More programs.
  • If Adobe has updated Flash since the latest release of winetricks, Flash installation is likely to fail. If you need it, upgrade the Wine packages and try again.

Internet Explorer 7

  • JavaScript doesn’t (always?) work.
  • Toolbar layout is sometimes broken.
  • If 3D Acceleration is disabled in the Virtual Machine, IE7 sometimes crashes.


  • The “new tab” page crashes Safari. Open links in new tabs instead or stick to one tab.
  • 3D Acceleration needs to be enabled in the Virtual Machine for Safari 5 to start.


Downloaded 3293 times Cloned 1787 times

Downloads are no longer available for this appliance, as it is based on an OS version that we no longer support.

You can clone the appliance, then upgrade and build with a current OS version.

Release notes

  • Upgraded to openSUSE 11.4
  • Added Firefox 4
  • Upgraded Arora
  • Upgraded Firefox Mobile
  • Upgraded Konqueror
  • Upgraded Opera
  • Upgraded Opera Mini
  • Upgraded Opera Mobile


5 dependencies updated
3 files updated
5 new software selections
2 software selections removed
Build configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: ask_on_first_boot
Time zone: Etc/UTC
Language: en_US.UTF-8
Network: dhcp
Firewall: disabled


5 patterns, 515 packages
View package list…

Security summary


Everyone's comments

Obat tatoObat tato,

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Agus KristiantoAgus Kristianto,

Thank you for give this awesome apps

Cara meningkatkan penjualan online

Agus KristiantoAgus Kristianto,

Cara meningkatkan penjualan online

Faisal HilmiFaisal Hilmi,

i use chrome,and this very useful article,thank you

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Nice collection of browsers :D This looks like a great system for web developers. The only problem I see with this system is the desktop environment. It´s using KDE. KDE is a fancy and nice desktop, but I personally think it might be too feature rich and resource hungry for this use. Lightweight desktops are probably better for this purpose.

Arie DecoderArie Decoder,

BrowserBox benar-benar keren dah menurut Blogger Indonesia. Walaupun saya belum mencoba pasti saya bilang joss gandoss! percaya?.. kayaknya gak deh.. wkwkw

Linux GamerLinux Gamer,

Seriously update your fucking code! Their are many Linux only browsers out there that you dont have! Also your version of Wine is not suported. If I were you I would also update to suse 12 you moron.

Linux GamerLinux Gamer,

This is way out dated. Your OS is not stable. Seriouly remove the outdate shit. You only need one version of Firefox. Shesh at least add songbird.


Yeah it Have Android Emulator thank thank thank thank thank

Linux GamerLinux Gamer,

Again outdated and does not work.

Toti FrisellaToti Frisella,

I can’t browse internet on testdrive and i configured the network correctly

James MasonJames Mason,

An update is long overdue…


I love all the browser, Indeed all I need as an internet addicted boy.


parece ser bom


You really need to make a new version, Firefox 11 and Opera 11 are out, as well as openSUSE 12, Ie 8 and 9, I’m pretty sure that a new version of Safari is out and…


Oh yeah, and turn on your firewall


How long does it take to download?


i love yours dude!


I see you are great with saving modifications to the OS
could you build me a template os for cloning without the desktop folder widget.and please replace the suse icon on the menu with a windows 7 logo


oh i forget please build it on opensuse 12.1


Great! I love it. But you forgot Avant/IEOpera…


I love Anadroid

Marius BlümMarius Blüm,

Why theire isnt Nigthly or Auora in the newest version!

And why you use KDE! Gnome is better!

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

KDE is 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than Gnome! KDE rules!


Your opinion isn’t others also.

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

Yes i know, but I am expressing MY opinion.

[not set],

He is using what he wants

Marius BlümMarius Blüm,


But theire isnt:
Firefox 5
Firefox 6
Firefox 7

and no Chromium Browser!

seshan ravikumarseshan ravikumar,

Nice! And be sure to check out:


and its really cool


hey jacob please tell me how to make a application lke this


Make no Chrome inside!!!Take Chromium!
Android SDK Browser is not stable!!!!!When 1.0.0 came????


Good Job!!!

But to many browsers! One Firefox (newest) is good!Not to many!!!

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

Did you not read the description? This is meant for browser testing. You want lots of browsers!


Oh, and for the Internet Explorer 7 and for the Internet Explorer 8 to remain in an installation script.


I think the Internet Explorer’s rather than put up this:

[not set],

Very Nice OS! Just so simple!

Nisarg DesaiNisarg Desai,

hey, very good O.S. dude,but can u tell when I select android browser, a screen,one like that of an android phone,opens. i have cloned , it but android,google chrome opera does’nt work ,can u help me??? plz
& tell how u install android os in android browser????

Jacob RaskJacob Rask,

Not sure I understand, but the Android browser included is through the Android SDK.

Ben HussenetBen Hussenet,

I have tried to use this but when i clone it just gives me loads of errors before doing anything with it?

Andy FitzsimonAndy Fitzsimon,

Hi Jacob, I’m using this all the time and am now addicted. Thank you so much!


Very awesome distro, but how do you save the wine software on the distro? ;-)

Jacob RaskJacob Rask,

The Wine software are simply installation scripts, the first time you run the browser it’s installed, and then it’s run from the installed copy.




how did you change the kde start button


Awesome idea Jacob, well done!


What about adding the dillo and links browser?

nuz kimnuz kim,

Nick LammingNick Lamming,

Just booted this up and it looks great. Will be good to be able to run multiple browsers on one box simultaneously (tried the 30 day trial of Spoon which was good but it aint free ;)).

I do have a question though, has anybody (or even you Jacob) played about with the use of scripts (such as Selenium) that can be fired at the browser to simulate real time journeys through sites? If so, has anyone found a way of throwing this script at multiple browser windows at the same time? I’ve been investigating this for a while and the closest (easiest) setup is using the Selenium plugin in Firefox but it’s flakey to say the least if you try anything other than FF.

Be great if someone out there has played around in this area or has thougts on how it could be done (as i say this VM is gonna help endlessly with this task)

Jacob RaskJacob Rask,

I have not tried any automated testing systems in BrowserBox, no, but it sure would be a great extension to its capabilities.

If you experiment with it, keep us updated!


please tell me how you changed kde i asked 2 months ago but you didn’t respond.

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

Do u mean the KMenu icon?


yes whenever i try to save changes on to my usb appliance it does not work

Patrick TangPatrick Tang,

Looks very good. I am running it in VirtualBox, but
1) there is no audio when I play a youtube video on Firefox.
2) the screen does not automatically resize when I resize the VirtualBox window.

Am I missing something?

Jacob RaskJacob Rask,

1) I haven’t experimented much with sound, so I can’t help you there. Do you get other sounds, like system sounds?
2) I’ve had that problem as well. After some googling I found that running “VBoxService” as root made it work again. Not sure what is wrong, if anyone knows why VBoxService might not start automatically sometimes, please tell.


cant connect to server on testdrive
please help

Jos PoortvlietJos Poortvliet,

You have to enable networking, sweetheart. See on top of the window with testdrive (next to the time you have left running): networking off. Click, enable networking, …, profit!!!

Jos PoortvlietJos Poortvliet,

Acutally, even that won’t let you actually browse the web of course. Outgoing connections are blocked from SUSE Studio. you’ll have to either get your web pages in there or really run it at home :D


like this,
waiting for Firefox4

Guilherme MoreiraGuilherme Moreira,

Very good, it’s the height of my Operating System, Ozone

Blue GenBlue Gen,

internet explorer 4 linux should work but not sure


You should add IE8 and IE9. And replace Chrome with Chromium – that’s opensource. Other than that, very, very nice.

Jacob RaskJacob Rask,

Unfortunately IE8 and IE9 does not run well in Wine/Linux. It’s possible to install but you cannot enter any URLs.

Chrome is more commonly used than Chromium, which is more bleeding edge. Testing in Chrome means you get what most Chrom* users get.


GTK apps are broken: I suggest install the GNOME Factory repo, this seems to fix it.

Jacob RaskJacob Rask,

Broken in what way? Both Epiphany and Firefox seems to work for me.


Fonts are now squares, and nothing but.

Dillon ZDillon Z,

This is extremely interesting, especially since web browsers are my favorite types of software! I have a suggestion: include some of the lesser known browsers, such as Swiftfox and Swiftweasel, Minimo and Fennec (if emulation is possible) and suites such as SeaMonkey. Once I finish my own Linux build I will burn this on to a CD and try it out.


or you can always use the new fancy web testdrive… and there’s a native linux build of fennec somewhere, I had one for windows. It’s lagtastic though. SeaMonkey is my preferred browser but renders mostly the same as Firefox. But some obscure browsers included would be cool.

also hey there this is ZW

Jacob RaskJacob Rask,

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

Fennec is now called Firefox Mobile and is included in BrowserBox.

BrowserBox is mainly meant for web development, and as far as I know Swiftfox is basically the same as Firefox and will not render anything differently nor use another JavaScript engine, and I believe the interface is the same as well.

Jacob RaskJacob Rask,

In Dreamweavers BrowserLabs you only get screenshots and not actual browsers. You can’t test any actual behaviour. Also, it only has Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. I even believe you, apart from the $399 Dreamweaver costs, have to buy an extra CS Live account to get access to BrowserLabs, the cross browser testing tool!

BrowserBox is free and has actual browsers. But use whatever you like :)

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

And even if BrowserBox was similar to Dreamweaver, wouldn’t you get the free version anyway?


Yea totally, this is a lot more efficient too, its not running on Windows or Mac yet uncommonly its own distribution ;D . Anyway how did you get ie in Linux? Is it like available or something?

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

He got IE on Linux by using a wine script.

kyle ericksonkyle erickson,

might be worth tring someday when i have more cd’s or something


I just started the dl. Very excited …

the Light of the Silvery Moonthe Light of the Silvery Moon,

Accolades, kudos!

It’s great to see widely useful appliances on SuSE Studio. Friend & I are working on a PHP integration, currently just a phpMyAdmin appliance ( see " phpMyAdmin LLAVA LAMP " )

Daniel NogaDaniel Noga,

Can you make this browser collection like a package, which I can install into openSUSE (11.3, 11.2, 11.1) via One click install?

Jacob RaskJacob Rask,

Not exactly sure how I would do that. Perhaps with separate packages such as browserbox-firefox which would install all old versions of Firefox, and browserbox-opera for old versions of Opera, etc?

Daniel NogaDaniel Noga,

Maybe. Or create packages like firefox-35, firefox-20, not one package with all Firefoxes (Operas, …). When I have searched in buildservice, I found nothing like this.
And it would be good create some metapackage (pattern?) with dependence on all those browsers.


Include DIllo and (e)links. Links renders pages differently and Dillo is a simple lightweight browser.

Matthew CopperwaiteMatthew Copperwaite,

Has anyone else had problems installing and running Safari? I loaded a few other browsers to test them, but the Safari 4 and 5 at runtime say “Installation of Safari [x] has failed”

Jacob RaskJacob Rask,

Could you tell me more, when exactly does the error occur? Has the installer been downloaded (you should see a progress bar) and has the additional components (flash, fonts) been installed?

If something breaks, you can at any point reinstall Safari from System > More programs.


I get the same problem, running it in VMWare Fusion on a Mac, tells me that the install is missing files :, I’ll try it out on a non VM soon but just so you know it went through thee while installation, asked me to finish it and run Safari (5 or 4), otherwise love the product :)

Flavio CastelliFlavio Castelli,

This is a really cool appliance. Kudos!

Daniel PereiraDaniel Pereira,

Great OS! You Should also add Midori and Iceweasel ;-)

Jacob RaskJacob Rask,


Midori 0.2 is running the same WebKit version as Epiphany, so I don’t think there’s much point right now of including Midori as well, especially since so many WebKit browsers are already included.

And I believe IceCat/IceWeasel is the same as Firefox, except with different artwork.

Daniel PereiraDaniel Pereira,

So, What about include Firefox 4 beta 3? It has the latest version of Gecko.

Jacob RaskJacob Rask,

Hm, do you know if there is a repository with Shiretoko or whatever the Firefox beta release is called? I couldn’t find one. Maintaining manually uploaded files with recent versions is quite a hassle, I’d prefer to keep as much as possible in the package manager.


There is a package called “MozillaFirefox4” in the Mozilla community repo.

Jacob RaskJacob Rask,

Unfortunately that seems to be only for 11.2, when adding Mozilla Beta to 11.3 Firefox 3.6 is replaced with 4.0…


Ah. Well, I never tried. I just answered your question :D

André DuffeckAndré Duffeck,

Awesome! Extremely useful for web development, thanks!

tamam fuaditamam fuadi,

tes bray [url=“”]cara merawat laptop[/url]

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

I’ll try it out if you enable cloning.

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