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OBS 2.1.7

Published by Thomas Schmidt
Based on openSUSE 11.4 32-bit x86

The openSUSE Build Service appliance contains the complete OBS stack including
a Worker, the Backend, API, Webclient and osc, the command line client.
It can link to the instance, so you can directly start building packages for
openSUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu etc. distributions.

After booting, the webinterface is available at http://
To login to the webinterface, please use the username ‘Admin’ with password ‘opensuse’.

Please assign at least 1GB memory to the appliance.
The API is available on port 81. Please disable the firewall to access it directly.


Downloaded 1038 times Cloned 349 times

Downloads are no longer available for this appliance, as it is based on an OS version that we no longer support.

You can clone the appliance, then upgrade and build with a current OS version.

Release notes

Version 2.1.7 of the OBS.


1 dependency updated
3 new software selections
2 software selections removed
Build configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: english-us
Time zone: Europe/Berlin
Language: en_US.UTF-8
Network: dhcp
Firewall: disabled


1 patterns, 382 packages
View package list…

Security summary


Everyone's comments

Firdaus AdamFirdaus Adam,
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Firdaus AdamFirdaus Adam,

I like this article. Thanks
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Firdaus AdamFirdaus Adam,

excellent post, thank u
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Refuses to behave under vmware esx or workstation – ethernet fails to start on boot, which breaks mysql etc.

Haider ShamiHaider Shami,

its fucking re fuck bin shit

Vyankatesh dudheVyankatesh dudhe,

After booting image following error is shown,If anybody have any idea plz reply !
network setup failed
OBS is not usable
A working DHCP and DNS server in network
is required !

Godsof Mars1Godsof Mars1,

how do i build a os?

James TanJames Tan,

This is awesome!

YS JangYS Jang,

Am I the only one who have a problem to login using default ID and Password?
Can’t login. hope to get some advice.

YS JangYS Jang,

Oh~ for the problem, I figured now.

Vyankatesh dudheVyankatesh dudhe,

i m also facing same issue, not able to login using default ID and pwd.
plz provide solution u figured out.

Gabe UngerGabe Unger,

Gee thanks for posting your solution…


plz look at my OS at


Awesome – this was begging to be made! Kudos!




Could Any Other Application Be The Featured One???


hey plz check out my OS. Death Ultimate Edition


i’m going to learn the build service so i can improve 64 bit support for newer packages such as gnome 2.28 and gnome 2.30 which i can’t seem to find lol


cool, finally its here :)

James TanJames Tan,

OBS rocks!

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