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Excellent Samba4 Appliance

Published by Masim Vavai Sugianto
Based on SLES 11 SP3 64-bit x86

Excellent Samba4 Appliance 1.1.5 based on SLES 11 SP3 64 bit with Samba4 Stable 4.1.5. Samba4 is a massive reworking of the Samba 3 implementation, with a goal of providing full Active Directory, domain controller and file server support for all current Windows clients.


Downloaded 14590 times Cloned 656 times

Null Media

USB & disk image

This is an image of your disk, ready to be written to either a USB drive or your hard disk. When written, it will erase all data on a disk. During the first boot, your partition will be automatically resized to fill available space.

ISO image

Burn this ISO file to a DVD (or CD, if the space allows), and you'll be able to boot directly from the disc.

Preload ISO

A bootable ISO containing the appliance disk image. Boots into a simple graphical environment and prompts for confirmation before writing the image onto the hard drive. Useful for performing automated system installs/preloads.

Warning: Overwrites all data on the target hard drive.

Preload ISO, 3.48 GB, x86_64
MD5: 5861c7c93653b3bf3e9a7beff1e75d55

Null Virtual

Open Virtualization Format (OVF)

The OVF format is an open standard for packaging and distributing virtual appliances. It is not tied to any particular hypervisor or system architecture.

OVF Image, 890 MB, x86_64
MD5: 4e8de26c8d81d810d43ddc2fc4899649

VMware / VirtualBox / KVM image

Whether you use VMware, VirtualBox, or KVM, this vmdk is a ready-to-use virtual appliance.

Release notes

Excellent Samba4 Appliance 1.1.5 based on SLES 11 SP3 64 bit with Samba4 Stable 4.1.5. Samba4 is a massive reworking of the Samba 3 implementation, with a goal of providing full Active Directory, domain controller and file server support for all current Windows clients.


75 dependencies updated
1 file removed
1 new file
Build configuration updated
Script configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: english-us
Time zone: Asia/Jakarta
Language: en_US.UTF-8
Network: disabled
Firewall: disabled


0 patterns, 356 packages
View package list…

Security summary


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Everyone's comments

Hans WitvlietHans Witvliet,

Doesnot seem to work for me. (Preload ISO) into a XEN virtual client. No network detected.
Expect that is rather “non-optional” for an PDC >:-()
Hence the script in /srv/v/ fails seriously with all sorts of non-english complaints.

Marc JacksonMarc Jackson,

Network interfaces are part of YOUR virtual machine configuration. This VM appliance will
find and use the network interface(s) you have configured for the VM.

Check you have configured the correct number and type of NIC’s.

Erwan SetiawanErwan Setiawan,

Wow, its many selection. Thank its very interactive
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Rhonin PowersRhonin Powers,

newbie …can’t get card to grab dhcp eth0 showing not used.

Richard Martinus HalimRichard Martinus Halim,

Hi, Mr.Sugianto
I’ve downloaded the app and the script is working just fine up to the Kerberos testing part. When these commands :
kinit administrator@NAMADOMAINUPPER


klist -e

are executed, respectively, they returned

kinit : Cannot contact any KDC for realm ‘FRITO.LOCAL’ while getting initial credentials.


klist : No credentials cache found (ticket cache FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_0)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Marc JacksonMarc Jackson,

Using a ‘.LOCAL’ domain should be avoided as I believe it is used for Bonjour and service
discovery. Generally a good idea to avoid it.

kl pragashkl pragash,

thanks For Linux Team


So is anyone using this in a production environment with Windows 7 boxes?

Masim Vavai SugiantoMasim Vavai Sugianto,

I’m using this on some clients (production environment) with Windows 7+Windows XP. Did you encounter any problem?


No problems. I just found this link today looking for a replacement for windows PDC. So if this is in a production state, I want to try it out. We too have a mixture of both Windows 7 and Windows XP.


Gonzalo EchevarriaGonzalo Echevarria,

100% migrado samba 3.6 a samba 4.0.8

Ganesh RaneGanesh Rane,

getting samba_dlz: Failed to connect to /usr/local/samba/private/dns/sam.ldb errart thor when start the named

Luis García-Pimentel RuizLuis García-Pimentel Ruiz,

Thank you so much.

After running the script, I cannot reach the outside network. Even though I checked that the network settings specially gateway where ok. Logically this leads to DNS not forwarding correctly. Do you have any insight on that?

Also after joining one win 7 pro VM and installing remote admin tools, when I create a new user it shows an error stating (sorry I don’t hace the exact english text, my windows is in spanish) that windows cannot check if the user is unique and that it probably won’t be able to logon, due to the “server is not functional”.

Masim Vavai SugiantoMasim Vavai Sugianto,


What about ping to public IP and check the named services (something like “service named status”).

Juru SEOJuru SEO,

always like suse :)

Masim Vavai SugiantoMasim Vavai Sugianto,

See the information above :

User Password
root opensuse
vavai opensuse


I am new to Linux. Can you provide just a few quick-start notes?
How to run this SAMBA actually?
I don’t see any samba package in Yast or any smbt/nmbt process in “top”

Does it work at all?
Where are config files? Is LDAP configured?

I don’t see anything there.
How can I install VirtualBox tools there? currently configured repository doesn’t hold any virtualbox package.

Masim Vavai SugiantoMasim Vavai Sugianto,


The following article mas help :

Muhammad FadillahMuhammad Fadillah,

Nice Work om Vavai :D
Ijin cobain yah om.

Kenneth OngsansoyKenneth Ongsansoy,


Sorry I know this is a noob problem. I’m stuck at Stage 1 not responding at all or am I being impatient? I’m using virtualbox, network adapter is on NAT.


Gabriel TorresGabriel Torres,

Hi. We have a Samba4 AD (from other provider) working for some weeks. ¿Is there some manual to install yours as a BDC?. I want to migrate mine to this one.

James MitchJames Mitch,


Would it be possible to make a version with Desktop features enabled.


Andy RoffeAndy Roffe,


Something is not setting up bind or the samba dns settings properly.
DNS fails to start with :

Jan 28 12:28:38 linux named2473: Loading ‘AD DNS Zone’ using driver dlopen
Jan 28 12:28:38 linux named2473: samba_dlz: Failed to connect to /usr/local/samba/private/dns/sam.ldb
Jan 28 12:28:38 linux named2473: dlz_dlopen of ‘AD DNS Zone’ failed
Jan 28 12:28:38 linux named2473: SDLZ driver failed to load.
Jan 28 12:28:38 linux named2473: DLZ driver failed to load.
Jan 28 12:28:38 linux named2473: loading configuration: failure
Jan 28 12:28:38 linux named2473: exiting (due to fatal error)

/usr/local/samba/private/dns/sam.ldb the dns directory and sam.ldb are missing – which causes bind to fail and no workstation can find the domain controller.


Brian PalBrian Pal,

x2, i copyed the files from …./private to …/private/dns and chmod 777 them all, and still failes, lots of samba_dlz errors.


Brian PalBrian Pal,

fixed, forgot to set permissions to files in ./private/dns/sam.ldb.d


Please, tell me more about how you solved this problem.
I can not do it.
Error is the same as yours.


it’s simple.
Need to do a domain such as “” and all will work.
I wanted to make the domain “lan” – do not work.

bagio bagiobagio bagio,

Works for me at VirtualBox, thanks !


Is SWAT available in the appliance?

Tristan JestinTristan Jestin,

NULL! Can not connect to a user

Masim Vavai SugiantoMasim Vavai Sugianto,

Hi Jestin,

Could you please tell me the details. What is the image platform you try to test the appliance (preload iso, ovf, etc) and what’s about can not connect to a user? Do you means you can not log on to the appliance or does this means your appliance client can not log on to Samba 4 services?

Hafiz RafibeyliHafiz Rafibeyli,

Vavai vmdk version not working on esxi 4.1,i’m going to try ovf

Masim Vavai SugiantoMasim Vavai Sugianto,

Hi Hafiz,

Is there any error message? Would you please try the ovf version? Please let me know if you got the problem regarding the appliance

Juragan CendolJuragan Cendol,

Mas Vavai

Saya sudah berhasil install dan Join domain .
Kenapa waktu login pertama kali lambat sekali dan seakan2 nyantol dimenu “Loading Your personal Setting” ??


Masim Vavai SugiantoMasim Vavai Sugianto,

Hi mas,

Sorry for a late reply. “Loading your personal setting” usually related to profile on Document and Settings. Is this possible to use new user or another new account to test the appliance?

Marcelo MorettiMarcelo Moretti,

In grub list when choose anyone (normal or safe) get this error :

“init /boot/initrd.vmx

Error 16: Inconsistent filesystem structure
Press Any key to continue…."

using xen advanced…
how to fix? =)


Marcelo MorettiMarcelo Moretti,

ps. 0.9.3

i try with iso file and get this error too :

“Boot-Logging enabled on /dev/tty3
[ 17.219981] Couldn´t find live configuration file
[ 17.225236] rebootException: error consoles at Alt-f3/f4
[ 17.230507] rebootException: reboot in 120 sec….”

Masim Vavai SugiantoMasim Vavai Sugianto,

Hi Marcello Moretti,

Could you please try the version 0.9.4? Also, would you like to give a details about your host and Virtual engine?

I’ve successfully deploy the appliance by using VMWare vSphere (5.0 and 5.1) and also on VirtualBox (on top of openSUSE 12.2 64 bit)

Masim Vavai SugiantoMasim Vavai Sugianto,

Hi Jose Carlos,

Please make sure you are using version 0.9.2. The script are on /srv/v directory. Please let me know if you have any trouble regarding the script.

Jose Carlos Rodrigues de LimaJose Carlos Rodrigues de Lima,

I installed the image on a virtualbox using the iso as media before burn and use on a real machine.

After installed , rebooted, and i didn´t find the dcpromo.excellent anywhere. i gets your directions above. when i do a find / -name dcpromo returns nothing.

Did i missed something?

Kind regards,

Jose Carlos, from Brazil

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