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Microsoft® Windows 9 Bubble

Published by Dejan
Based on openSUSE Leap 42.1 64-bit x86


Downloaded 44822 times Cloned 3330 times

Null Physical

Live CD / DVD (.iso)

Use this format if you want to burn your appliance on CD or DVD. This is the easiest way to prepare bootable media. Simply download the .iso file and burn it to disk via any existing OS.

Release notes

Some software changes :) I’m not active anymore this is the last version..


1 account removed
370 dependencies removed
862 dependencies updated
632 new dependencies
16 new files
8 new repositories
25 new software selections
8 repositories removed
77 software selections removed
1 startup program removed
Build configuration updated
Desktop configuration updated
General configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: english-us
Time zone: UTC
Language: en_US.UTF-8
Network: network_manager
Firewall: enabled


0 patterns, 1495 packages
View package list…

Security summary


Everyone's comments


Windows 9 sounds like a fantastic OS, I’d like to use this on a PC of mine sometime soon.


this newest version is like my os48 64bit but better


but this has a bigger file size

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Lenard CamilleriLenard Camilleri,

Bro I love this os and I want to create a clone with my own taste. But when I tried to install programs to it in the clone their were no repositories working can u fix pls






This is such a nice operating system, Dejan. I bet you worked hard on this! Great job.


well thank you my friend.. everything works fine? for me it does, thank you for your comment :D


Yes, everything works wonderful.


that’s good huh :D


i wasn’t online for too long time.. now i think all is fixed or not? :D

joseluis albejoseluis albe,

Como cloneis mi app os baneo a todo a los 1376 HIJOS DE PUTA


username: root
(password is left blank) it does actually say how to login in the ABOVE INFORMATION its under ACCOUNTS!!!!!!!!!!

goly alphagoly alpha,

I don’t see anything under accounts. All i see are basic settings and software…


it’s simple to log in just time “root” and go on..

goly alphagoly alpha,

So, first of all, you shouldn’t delete locale when you add them, and when I clone your OS and delete the finalize-build part of script where you delete locale except your language and change it to set Czech as default language, I’m unable to build it. Could you please send me those Repos you uploaded for this appliance? Thank you. golyalpha[at]

goly alphagoly alpha,

nevermind about those repos, they had some bug, it’s working already


i wasn’t here.. sry mate.. i don’t have much time to send u anything i’m working


samo ukucaj “root” i idi dalje.. just type “root” and go on..


The root/none login given on this page does not work. This download is useless until that gets updated.


how is that so? it works for me…

Ron IngramRon Ingram,

This is the biggest pile of bull! Won’t boot here or from the live CD.


i don’t know why it won’t work, it works for me


Where did you get that login screen? How do you change it???


ty :D


type root and go on..


Help?! The login credentials arent root or root and linux

J SzJ Sz,

this is called foreseeing the future – nice name!


well what to say :D


come on why not just type root and all will be fine..




try again dude


Hey,is the os an english version or another language?

Gentleman TankGentleman Tank,

how many ram and memory on hard disk this need ? ram 512 or 1024 ?



shiva tejshiva tej,

is this windows 9 working or its an fake one and one more thing i want to know is that how can we change language and is their any activation key with you


nahhh it’s not real one..


try clicking on download? :D it’s not real Windows 9 xD

Nick de haanNick de haan,

How can you set another language?


try cloning it and set ur own settings :D

Norton PietroNorton Pietro,

How could you possible call this “windows 9”?


i like the name :D

bob fatbob fat,

Opps there a dumba$$ better reinstall jack sh!t suse


Tell me if something is wrong.. i didn’t noticed it yet…


hmm it’s not out yet :O but you can download “Windows 8.1 Blue 64 bit”…. and the link i can’t find at this moment.. but type “Windows 8.1 Blue 64 bit torrent”, find it and download it ;)

bob fatbob fat,

Or you can get emails there is no ISO out yet.

[not set],

tried a test drive and i can’t understand it, it needs to be english


sorry man i dont know.. whats happening to that system.. try ReAct® Operating System “TWISS” on my profile.. best os till now..

Altitude TechnologiesAltitude Technologies,

very nice as well. We here at the Zandu board are thinking about nightly releases, M-snapshots, and RC Builds


thank you.. check out the new version with improvements :D


Me too, thats why i made this system.

bob fatbob fat,

Windows is sh!t

Dorx sysDorx sys,

Can You Put it in Spanish?

How did You put that KDE enviroment without the open suse advertisement (the menu button and all that things)?


We’ll see if i can put, and just to know i cloned this system and modified it for myself and name it Windows 9…


dont know gotta fix it…

Elias HodgeElias Hodge,

Why is the only language Serbian?


Serbian? Im serbian thats why but i forgot to add more… sorry and thanks for reminding me… :)

Ice Software UKIce Software UK,

lol i’m partially Serbian so i’ll understand


ok ill try. so its not bad, ha? I will try it on Virtual Box im already downloading it…

Dorx sysDorx sys,

Cool but you need to put more languages and to publish in more formats like Preload ISO

Jeremy VandaleJeremy Vandale,

yeah preload iso is cool it because it installs it in stead of just runig the os from iso


Hi everyone, this operating system i didnt tried yet, so i dont know how it works ( i mean i didnt downloaded it yet i tried but error came out ) so just download it if you want and install it on your pc or just run it on virtual box or vmware or something, or just a testdrive and check. If you have problems ask me i might know the answer.

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