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Published by Frederic Crozat
Based on openSUSE 11.4 32-bit x86
Homepage at

This is a test appliance for GNOME 3.0 : . It uses GNOME 3.0 packages on top of openSUSE 11.4.

there is one predefined user “tux” with password “linux” (same password for root).

You can keep this image updated by running “zypper up” as root, in a terminal

Please note SUSE Studio “Testdrive” feature will not work with this image (which requires openGL), only classic GNOME interface will be visible under TestDrive, not GNOME-Shell.

Chances are high GNOMEShell will not work in virtualized environments (VMWare / Virtualbox) ; if you want to test or install GNOME3 on a real system , please use Live image from .

Starting with VirtualBox 4.0.8, GNOME Shell should work properly (you need appliance release 1.3.0 minimum). Any issue with VirtualBox should be reported on

To install live image, add liveinstall parameter as boot parameter in boot menu.


Downloaded 2092 times Cloned 2685 times

Downloads are no longer available for this appliance, as it is based on an OS version that we no longer support.

You can clone the appliance, then upgrade and build with a current OS version.

Release notes

build against GNOME 3.0.2


Build configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: english-us
Time zone: Europe/Paris
Language: en_US.UTF-8
Network: network_manager
Firewall: disabled


2 patterns, 1007 packages
View package list…

Security summary


Everyone's comments

Ryan D OmastaRyan D Omasta,

You didn’t set the password


desktop environment that one is fairly mild though in terms of the library is a bit tricky compared to KDE

Faisal AslamFaisal Aslam,

There is no option to download on your website.


Hey man Gnome Iz realy cool but i realy need an expert ans at these if you use it properl you will findout that if you attach any new harware it do not attach with the computer like pendrive DVD etc any suggestion

Josh D.Josh D.,

Check out Wyvern:—2

Altitude TechnologiesAltitude Technologies,

Hi guys. check out my new OS, called Zandu 8. find it here:

NJA AsherNJA Asher,

KDE Sucks So Bad!!!

Henry JohnsonHenry Johnson,

How do you remove all of the opensuse branding?

Henry JohnsonHenry Johnson,

Sorry, I meant The login part. On this distro, it says, instead of opensuse 11.4. How do you change that?

Khan AdnanKhan Adnan,

Can you give me the name of the package that removes opensuse branding?


better then kde though well done


is ok not that good loool

Henry JohnsonHenry Johnson,

This is an excellent release! – You can earn alot of money from this os! – Once the Live installer is working properly you should sell it on CD’s and get money for it! Excellent OS!

Alex WatsonAlex Watson,

can install this onto a hdd without vm


the gnome 3 dosent work why not gnome 2.0 ?

Michael StonehamMichael Stoneham,

What is teh password for the os here. thanks i hae tryed to run it but no password

Jonathan BarronJonathan Barron,

i try to install it but it says that my graphics diver isn’t capable, even though it’s a graphics card supported and can play Quacke 3 at 67fps!


No its not.

mohammad haashirmohammad haashir,

Heyy PLZz REpLY ! where is install/remove software ?? or what should i remove n add to get that ?


I have 2 question about this release..
I can’t install it on a hard drive. I don’t find the “live install” program. Where is it?
And at the session selection we can use Gnome, IceWM and TWM but TWM doesn’t work. Which package I need to uninstall to don’t see TWM at the first boot of the appliance?

Thank’s a lot

Frederic CrozatFrederic Crozat,

you can’t uninstall twm (it is required by live install)
for live install, try typing “live install” in gnome shell “search” field or type “liveinstall” on the boot prompt.


:) Going to Make Edits to This and Call It Youtube OS and iLove it! I said “I love it” Apple Style! :)Lol


If i use this version i have only fallback mode, if i use the version from i can use gnome-shell.
What is the difference?

Mark Raymond Jr.Mark Raymond Jr.,

Could you make a version of this that’s barebone? Just GNOME3 and Suse.

Frederic CrozatFrederic Crozat,

Well, clone it and remove applications you don’t like ;)

Iron WolfIron Wolf,

I Am Cloning This Because my OS B-D OS 11BD480e

Mark GreenwoodMark Greenwood,

I cloned the appliance in order to make my own, well customized version, but I have 2 main problems, the internet doesn’t work, and even running of the live cd on my machine, the desktop breaks and go in fallback mode.

Any kind of help would be very appreciated!


I don’t have the network problem but I also have the fallback mode…
Anyone knows if is possible to clone the appliance???

Mark GreenwoodMark Greenwood,

Would you mind telling me what you did to get the network working? :D


I didn’t do nothing special… It simply works for me … Sorry!
And something really strange! I test the cloned appliance in other computer and the full gnome shell works! (??)

In my computer: Original G3 works, Cloned not works (fallback mode)
In wife laptop: Both work well

I don’t understand nothing!!


possibly to do with your bios setting which cannot detect a abnormal o.s
it cant run most suse studio operating systems but can run red hat, some suse sudio o.s, kde 4, gnome (normal), and others but not ones with select ids such as your own one. (this is for the fallback problem)

for the network problem another package is proably conflicting. remove all included drivers from the o.s and test one by one

Glen HGlen H,

The reason the network doesn’t work, you see, is under Technical details/Basic Settings/Network, it says “network_manager,” not DHCP. If you do clone the appliance, which you can do if you are signed in by clicking “Clone appliance” right under the version number (at the top), you might want to change the setting to DHCP.

mohammad haashirmohammad haashir,

can i clone my appliance and publish it ?? pls reply , m askin u ! + if u want i’ll giv a credit In the title itself , Federic Crozat ! i mean wen i make d trailer in d utube !! m askin u coz dis will b like a illegal job wen i dont ask your permission !

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

Is this supposed to rival Gnome Reloaded?

I hope it is. I’m tired of that guy being up front for so long.

Alexander PavelAlexander Pavel,

The “GNOME 3” pattern needs to be changed. It doesn’t include everything. It won’t work if I put it in my OS. Please fix this problem if you can.

Mark Raymond Jr.Mark Raymond Jr.,

How did you make those folders for each file? Like “Videos, Music,Pictures”

Frederic CrozatFrederic Crozat,

I don’t understand your question. Could you elaborate ?

Mark Raymond Jr.Mark Raymond Jr.,

Like when you goto someones Home Folder, and within it, they have folders for their Music, Videos and Photos Downloads and Documents, I was wondering how you could make all those folders (Music, Videos and Photos Downloads and Documents) with some kind of automated command or package.

Frederic CrozatFrederic Crozat,

This is handled by xdg-user-dics and xdg-user-dirs-gtk packages

Esteban D. MarineEsteban D. Marine,

this might sound like a dumb question…but how do i change this version to 64bit

Frederic CrozatFrederic Crozat,

use the live images provided at the url given in the summary


The live version runs well on my netbook on usb stick thanks to suse studio imagewriter but installation is a problem: windows are larger than the screen and no way to navigate thru them or resize.
Only solution is to plug a bigger external screen for install (not yet tried)

Frederic CrozatFrederic Crozat,

first, you should use live image from the url given in the summary.
Then, start the install process by adding liveinstall parameter on boot menu, this should fix your issue.

Ferra DelliaFerra Dellia,

So What? can anyone fix this problem?

Maxwill KellyMaxwill Kelly,

Hasn’t gnome 3 gone final have you updated it for that?

Frederic CrozatFrederic Crozat,

latest release version of the appliance is using GNOME 3 final release


I love it ;-)


i know it has gnome 3 i have seen this distro running but does it gnome shell


does this thing have gnome shell whenever I run testdrive it say gnome 3 failed to load yet it looks much different from gnome 2.and please comment on this music(

Frederic CrozatFrederic Crozat,

as explained in the summary, you can’t have gnome shell using testdrive.

Mark Raymond Jr.Mark Raymond Jr.,

I’d like to say thanks to the author, even with all the bugs, I know how hard it all is. if there’s anything I can help with let me know.

Ferrari on a PCFerrari on a PC,

I’ve been trying to find a way of using GNOME 3. This is great! Nice job!

Mark Raymond Jr.Mark Raymond Jr.,

After I clone the appliance, it doesn’t even give me a working build, I get an error right after I clone.

Pattern gnome requires pattern:gnome_basis, which is not available

I add the pattern, and it just gives me more errors, and more packages and patterns that I have to add, so how is this appliance working? And is there a fix for any of this?

Ferrari on a PCFerrari on a PC,

Hey, I got the same thing too! Please help!

Mark Raymond Jr.Mark Raymond Jr.,

It has a ton of bugs once you install it on a HDD, but on a flash drive or live cd it’s fine, although a bit sluggish.

Frederic CrozatFrederic Crozat,

Don’t use the appliance for installing on a system, use live cd from

Frederic CrozatFrederic Crozat,

This is due to switch to NetworkManager 0.9
I’ll try to fix that with next appliance release

Eugenia Loli-QueruEugenia Loli-Queru,

Well, this just doesn’t work. I tried with both with the latest Vmware player, and Virtualbox 4.0.4, and there are multiple problems. On VMware everything is super-slow, and when trying to install the linux vmware-tools, the Installation executable can’t find GCC, so it bails out. On VBox, it complaints that I need to change to 32bit color in order to get some acceleration, but there’s no way to do this from either Gnome3 or Gnome2 screen dialogs (they offer no color depth option anymore?). 3D accel is enabled on Vbox’s settings with 64 MB of VRAM, but not 2D accel (it says 2D is only supported on Windows).

Then, there’s the actual usage problem after you have managed to login in fallback mode on gnome3, and everything’s very slow: when I click to open an app on gnome3, all I get is a desktop that has the bar on the top, but there’s no window displaying. The first time an app/desktop is loaded, I get a completely garbled look of an app. But on a subsequent boot, no app is loaded probably: everything is black apart from the bar on the top. This happens on both vbox and vmware, so I’m guessing it’s gnome’s bug.

I like the idea of testing gnome3 on these virtualization apps, but over here they just don’t work properly.

Frederic CrozatFrederic Crozat,

Complain to virtualbox or VMWare. We are not responsible for them not supporting GNOME Shell.


Nice work. I know there is a cd image already in the opensuse repositroies but could you please add the cd
with cloning here for downloading.

Frederic CrozatFrederic Crozat,

this is not possible, since the configuration between CD and studio appliance is slighly different and not stored in suse studio (and CD image is automatically available on all openSUSE mirrors) .

Fabian SturmFabian Sturm,

Hmm I an’t get it to run under Ubuntu 10.10 with Virtualbox Virtualbox ose 3.2.8 with an AMD 64 X2 CPU.
During half the boot the window just closes.
Any idea what could be missing?

Frederic CrozatFrederic Crozat,

Virtualbox doesn’t like gnome-shell very much. Try with virtualbox 4.0 but I’m not sure it will work

Giulio ColluraGiulio Collura,

Can you add an ISO image for CD/DVD, please? ;)

Frederic CrozatFrederic Crozat,

It will be available with next release


Can you enable cloning? And can I base an Appliance off of this if you do? I would like to try gnome shell 3 out.

Frederic CrozatFrederic Crozat,

I’ve disabled cloning on purpose until the image is stabilized a little.

Please report any missing stuff or feature and I’ll update the image.

Thanks you.

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