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KDE 4 Reloaded

Published by André Duffeck
Based on openSUSE 12.2 32-bit x86

Desktop template with updated KDE packages.


Downloaded 5378 times Cloned 9458 times

Downloads are no longer available for this appliance, as it is based on an OS version that we no longer support.

You can clone the appliance, then upgrade and build with a current OS version.

Release notes

Upgraded to openSUSE 1.2.2 and the KDE 4.9 repository.


76 dependencies removed
389 dependencies updated
1 file removed
145 new dependencies
3 new software selections
Build configuration updated
Script configuration updated


Technical Details

Appliance configuration

Basic settings

Keyboard: english-us
Time zone: Europe/Berlin
Language: en_US.UTF-8
Network: dhcp
Firewall: enabled


4 patterns, 532 packages
View package list…

Security summary


Everyone's comments

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danielgartin6993 .danielgartin6993 .,

What are the minimum system requirements,would it run on 240 MB of RAM or no?


hello I own Foundation Mega-OS and was wondering how pubicar several versions of Mega-OS in the gallery without deleting other
In gallery:Mega-OS Universe or Fundação Mega-OS

Gayle ChesshumGayle Chesshum,

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Keshav SreekumarKeshav Sreekumar,

Try My OS.
I think you will like it.

Thomas GereThomas Gere,

This appliance is slowly upgraded. Try “Minimal Klyde” in Staff Picks (


Very Good.. I like it a lot.. specially the transparent windows.. Can you check out my operating System:

Fsmaniac 212Fsmaniac 212,

is this a operating sistem and how to i put it on my custom small pc


Nice OS!
I am creating Plum OS X


Opensuse 12.3 …

Ice Software UKIce Software UK,

Can you please checkout Ultra OS X

Damian WisdomDamian Wisdom,

can someone call me at 480-322-4388 and tell me the wifi package. its soooo hard to find and external programs are crashing

Damian WisdomDamian Wisdom,

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Andrei ThezolinAndrei Thezolin,

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Khan AdnanKhan Adnan,

Really Useful Thank YOu


I Have KDE 4 Reloaded In Real…

Jovi MacholoweJovi Macholowe,

_Have you installed it on your computer_

J SmithJ Smith,

Good yob here are my Os

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Bilal Erman BilginBilal Erman Bilgin,

It’s a nice but I want to ask sth. I installed it to my computer and when I open the pc it takes long time to boot the system. It waits long time on Do you have any suggestion?


easy to navigate in +like.

Ultimate Softwares (Devin Hepburn)Ultimate Softwares (Devin Hepburn),

did any of you try ultamate os beta 3?

No service pack:

Gghhuhhuhhgggh GhhjuuugGghhuhhuhhgggh Ghhjuuug,

very good, but i just dont like the taskbar, its a replica of windows, most else stuff is good though.

Abraham LevineAbraham Levine,

Check out XLinux; it is new and user-friendly;; its primary download is SourceForge, but I built it here and it is downloadable from here

Omar QuaziOmar Quazi,

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Hello check out “openOS”, it´s perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sumit RoySumit Roy,

Hey guys check out my build Athena OS at

Ilya KotovIlya Kotov,

brabding… bad


is this cool…


SOOO COOOL! I always picked JeOS but now I think differently… = my site if you wish to chat

Ilya KotovIlya Kotov,

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What’s with all the spam on here.. it’s sad.


Cant beleve it! I love ur youtubes but you never show you Suse creations. Why? make a vid on on one of yours plz.

Leandro AraujoLeandro Araujo,

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David JohnsonDavid Johnson,

Infinite OS 2 Now Available

David JohnsonDavid Johnson,

some of the branding is removed in infinite os

David JohnsonDavid Johnson,

there is a better version of KDE4 it looks slitly better and has a lot more software packages it is called Infinite OS and it is in suse gallery

Matt MitchellMatt Mitchell,

I think this is amazing! I would really love to see a 64bit version of this!


The connection timed out. I’ll try a later version. Oh yeah and try out my new version of Loxio Project: Splash. Just search Loxio Project: Splash Update-1.0.3.

UNO Computer Software, Inc.UNO Computer Software, Inc.,

I love KDE and I used this as the base for my current OS Project:
UNO-OS SUSE One, and then I will use it for everything else.
Thank you for making this

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That’s the link to my current project


Thats a amazing!




I do like this.

Noah KobusNoah Kobus,

why always those watermarks? it’s your os.. right??

Noah KobusNoah Kobus,

not always *edit

Liam CookeLiam Cooke,

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Liam CookeLiam Cooke,

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Tom BuutkampTom Buutkamp,

That doesn’t matter, don’t put things in a comment that you won’t do, and if you do, then it’s still useless. ;-)

Liam CookeLiam Cooke,

made no sense…


It’s pretty bogus going to projects and telling them to like and rate them. I suggest not doing this, most of the time this is considered spam, i somewhat agree but i find it more of advertising. Don’t go advertising on peoples pages. That’s all I’m trying to say

Liam CookeLiam Cooke,

i agree, but i really want people to try out my work!

Daniel ClemDaniel Clem,

Yes, but your work is good enough to become viral, it will go “viral” all on its own. No offense, but please respect others by not using comments for advertising.

Daniel ClemDaniel Clem,

It is spam because it is irrevelent to the thing you are commenting on. It is a subject that only pertains to you. And your specific comment is just promoting the people to “like” something just cause you tell them too. Making the whole “like” system completely untrustable for finding actually good things. SO STOP!!!!!

Liam CookeLiam Cooke,

I know i did this ages ago, i stopped, im sorry, i needed a start off, it has gone viral, people love it, and it was based upon KDE 4 reloaded at first so thats why i did it, but then went off on my own and did one..from scratch!

seshan ravikumarseshan ravikumar,

Nice! Also look at:

Justice appletonJustice appleton,

it installs very fast compared to others


Why do some desktop effects not work? Why are there no pages (virtual desktops)?
Does it really work?

3 times cloned it! Nothing done!
What i have to do?

Omar QuaziOmar Quazi,

its the same a my OS OmarKDE 4 just some changes so its basically the same as the original KDE

Smart MostafaSmart Mostafa,

Does this have KDE 4.7? as in the newest version? I think so. I will try it and comment


How do you get the web browser to work in testdrive? I enabled network but still no web browsing.




Wont Let Me Log In Using Testdrive! : /



Matt DarnellMatt Darnell,

Wow any one could make this os in a sec

Malte Schmidt-TychsenMalte Schmidt-Tychsen,

I just downloaded the KDE_4_Reloaded.i686-0.2.0.vmx.tar.gz, installed in Virtualbox-3.2.8 and I get a notification:
Semantic Data Storage
Nepomuk … needs the Virtuoso RDF server …

Also all fonts don’t seem to have antialiasing enabled and look really ugly.


very cool man very cool


If i were to download this and then a new version was released, how would i update? would i have to do a total reinstall? I hope there is an easier way. thx. ev

Youssef khYoussef kh,

very very i like it thx but you should see the GREEN OS


not to disrespect your work but i just cant seem to see any work is there an option to tweak it offline and reupload if the the finish line is bit away i dont mean with jusk apps just a little more streamline thanks

sorry i just saw the posts “greatness,brilliant etc etc”and got ludded into a false sense of greatness and then view it the depression and sadness hit me so hard i fell of my chair


ehhh sorry am i missing someting here “great build” “its getting very popular” ehh no disrepect but its just a kde desktop no mod menu its just basic whats so great about it no eye candy no nothing please what the hell
im sorry but if its getting popular as a base to startoff on ehh youve won

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

Upstream OS is much better, and goes a bit beyond the basic stuff.

Hexxah 24Hexxah 24,

and it only takes 5 mins to download

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

That is because it is so damn small! It also depends on your internet speed.



WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

25% as a full use OS

100% as a base

Luke RybergLuke Ryberg,

when booting from thumbdrive it wont take password and user, it says “Error in service module”. Help?


Hey Can someone help me here On the Test Drive I got this message

Connection timed out

Testdrive needs Flash enabled and access to ports 843 and 5900 – 5908
(You may have an issue with a Flash blocker, a firewall, or a proxy)

Reply as soon as you know how to solve.Tnx :)

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

What we4b browser and operating system are you using.


Try using Firefox or Chrome, for some weird reason this doesn’t work on Internet Explorer 9 .

Palo PetrašPalo Petraš,

whats so special in this appliance,
i like it,

broc pattonbroc patton,

looks like your starting to get popular… you should start to havae a new release every 5 months maybe and then when you got more popular start out on your own!!

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

He’s been the most popular since almost the beginning! He’s not getting popular!


im not installed X11 only console version incode ru.RU.KOI8-R

Kim LeyendeckerKim Leyendecker,

A very nice appliance! I like KDE and my Distribution has KDE too!


am not installed KDE or X11, only working console editon or nano language ru.RU.KOI8-R and cirilic windows ru.RU.CP1251=)))

George tigerGeorge tiger,

hallo andre, i would like to ask you something, when you ready with a build and you are about to press the button and generate it, first you make some configurations on the CONFIGURATION/APPLIANCE tab
the question is: when you choose 512 mb and 32 gb for hard disc that means that your distro will have byitself 512mb or this is the minimum to run ?

Sean LeitchSean Leitch,

look at feline 10

Sean LeitchSean Leitch,

this looks great a bit like kubuntu


Agreed.. I have tried ubuntu as well. Anyway, KDE has its elegance by itself, with focused desktop use whether for business or home entertainment, you can select all required softwares and have no headache requiring some other non supported software types. I render those pages with default browsers of Firefox well:
Dena Tour, Umroh 2015, Paket Umroh 2015, Biaya Umroh 2015, Umroh Murah 2015, Tour Muslim 2015, Umroh April 2015, Umroh Mei 2015, Umroh Ramadhan 2015, Umroh Plus Turki 2015, and Umroh Plus Dubai 2015. Nice comment, though.

Shi JieShi Jie,

Thanks André! I know you’ll release the new version soon after I run into problems with last one. Thanks for quickly fixing those problems!

Tmas PoopdekTmas Poopdek,

I’m looking for something with absolutely no SUSE branding. Anyone know where I could get that?

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

Not on SUSE, I repeat SUSE Studio

André DuffeckAndré Duffeck,

You can just clone this appliance and replace the according openSUSE branding packages with the upstream ones.


wow this is a great OS
my OS death ultimate edition it’s also a good OS it should be at the bottom (lol) of the popular list


What’s so different at this KDE?

André DuffeckAndré Duffeck,

Plain openSUSE 11.2 comes with KDE 4.3.1 while this appliance includes the KDE 4.4 repo.


BTW, if you’re concicous about space and want to include KDE 4 apps, either use this for a KDE desktop for include a repo: I find it slims down the desktop by about 20 MB for downloads.

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),

Please check out my Operating Systems. OpenLife & OpenMedia.

WizePC (Orb)WizePC (Orb),



I ported your appliance to 64-bit and am currently building it. I will place it up for share once all builds are done.

André DuffeckAndré Duffeck,

Very cool! Here’s the link, just for reference:

Tmas PoopdekTmas Poopdek,

One question: Does it have the real KDE, or the one with SUSE modifications? I don’t like how all the packages are from SUSE. GNOME should be regular gnome and KDE should be regular KDE.


Reloaded are not SUSE, so yes just that.

André DuffeckAndré Duffeck,

It also uses the SUSE packages, just as the plain openSUSE, just more recent ones.

James TanJames Tan,

This is an awesome appliance!


please i beg u comment my appliances too.

Liam CookeLiam Cooke,


please try it and comment and rate :)
i will return the favor


Stop it.

Daniel ClemDaniel Clem,

Agreed!! There is no way to flag comments :( If I understand you want attention for your stuff. But comments are NO place to do that!! especially when you say “I return the favor” defeating the purpose of rating to begin with.

Nina GustianiNina Gustiani,

good, thanks for information :D
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