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Feel free to use these wallpapers on your desktop and help us spread the word on Studio.


Demoing an appliance you've built using SUSE Studio? Feel free to print these posters out and display in your booth.


Dister is the mascot of SUSE Studio. Feel free to use the images below when writing a magazine or blog article on Studio.

Dister, the Waiter

General depiction of Dister to illustrate SUSE Studio as a service.

Dister, the Mechanic

Ideal when talking about the core technologies behind Studio, such as kiwi, or building appliances.


Suitable when illustrating the testdrive feature allowing to test network services or generally finetuning the appliance.

Web Buttons

You can put these buttons on your project website to indicate it has been built with SUSE Studio. Click text snippet to select the text and press Ctrl+C (or Command+C on the Mac) to copy it to the clipboard.

Description Image Code Snippet
Dark Variant, 120x30px
Light Variant, 120x30px
Dark Variant, 120x120px
Light Variant, 120x120px
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