SUSE Cloud

SUSE Cloud is a pre-packaged and supported version of OpenStack that has been tested to work with the SUSE family of products. It is designed for organizations to setup and manage their own private clouds. It is much easier to install and setup than the vanilla OpenStack.

SUSE Studio allows for seamless integration with SUSE Cloud. You can build images ready to be used in SUSE Cloud for manual import.

Before you can upload an image you have to build it. Switch to the Configuration > Appliance tab. Enable the Integrate with SUSE Cloud / OpenStack checkbox and build an SUSE Cloud / OpenStack / KVM image.

While the image builds you can prepare for the uploade:

  • Download the from SUSE Cloud: Go to Settings > OpenStack Credentials and click on Download RC File.


  • Source the script:


  • Install python-glanceclient from Cloud:OpenStack:Grizzly repository on your system:

    zypper addrepo \ \
    zypper refresh Cloud:OpenStack:Grizzly
    zypper install python-glanceclient

Once the build finished you can copy the url from the download link and enter following command on the commandline:

glance image-create --name="Studio built VM" --is-public=True \
    --disk-format=qcow2 --container-format=bare \
    --copy-from $download_url

This will upload the image to SUSE Cloud. Note that you need a signed SSL certificate to upload the image.

The uploaded image should now be listed under Images & Snapshots.


Launch the image, then use your keyfile to ssh into it:

ssh -i my_keypair.pem root@

Enter chmod 600 my_keypair.pem to set correct permissions for the keyfile.