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220 search results for "tagged with linux"

LxiSUSE Leap 42.1 core [v 1.3]

by kyle_ingalsbe
This is the 64 bit core of LxiSUSE, based off of openSUSE Leap 42.1. It has no programs installed. It is like a blank system that has the LXDE and IceWM window managers. It also has yast2. It i…

Titanium OS

by c0nvexity155
Titanium OS is a lightweight GNOME Linux distro that is fresh, sleek, fast, and ready for you. Titanium OS comes with Firefox, GIMP, Pidgin, a wealth of YaST drivers, Flash player, games, and much…

Open Linux Enterprise Free

by seshan ravikumar
Presenting Open Linux Enterprise. New logo, new wallpaper. New platform. Open Linux now runs on openSUSE 11.4 Changes in Version 1 Beta: -New look -Auto login -More builds -Smaller siz…


by Francisco Gómez
NanoSuse is an extremely basic release of OpenSuse, which comes with… well… nothing. Because NanoSuse is just the most simple OS you can imagine, it is ideal for: · Working on very old …

Union OS

by Union
This is a FREE OS. You can clone it but you have to give credit to Omar Quazi, and Union


by duvsu
¿Qué es SuseBox? SuseBox es una distribución para disfrutar de la simplicidad de Openbox y la estabilidad de OpenSuse, de esta manera se equilibra funcionalidad con rendimiento. SuseBox es una…

Cossin 1.0

by Tecono
Cossin 2.0 is coming. Try the beta Here. *This is the 32-Bit version for systems with less…

FastComputer Linux

by fastcom
FastComputer Linux 64 Bit Edition is the complete linux distro,perfect for privacy,security and is a linux distro which contains everything you need. It has 3 web browsers: Mozilla Firefox,Iron an…

LxiSUSE Leap 42.1 Network [v 1.5]

by kyle_ingalsbe
This is the Network Version of LxiSUSE, based off of openSUSE Leap 42.1. It is designed to run on as few resources as possible, but also has some software for a network administrator to monitor, f…

openSUSE EcoLab

by Vinicius B. Rodrigues
openSUSE — EcoLab Spin EcoLab is a spin based on the openSUSE and GeckoLinux distribution. The goal is provide to ecological and biolo…
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