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211 search results for "tagged with linux"

openSUSE EcoLab

by Vinicius B. Rodrigues
openSUSE — EcoLab Spin EcoLab is a spin based on the openSUSE and GeckoLinux distribution. The goal is provide to ecological and biolo…


by Speed Electronics
Versión Oficial del sistema operativo Neocast. elaborado por Speed Electronics Abajo capturas Excelentes y muestra de idioma español. !…


by Omar Quazi
Designed for all your web browsing needs, with Chrome and Opera built in! For web hoster’s please visit the following site: (

Linux Builder (x64)

by Linux User
This version of Linux is designed with all the tools you need and some extra one’s to be able to create a Linux From Scratch distro. This version is designed for the x64, 64-bit computers and fo…

Spatry's Cup Of Linux-v0.0.1

by Spatry Spatry
Spatry’s Cup of Linux: Review of Suse Studio. This is the final build that I would like to share with my viewers and subscribers. This features the Gnome 3 desktop and it’s recommended applications…

Latest Cr OS Linux

by fastcom
Cr OS Linux + Latest Suse = Latest Cr OS Linux Cr OS Linux is a great appliance,but it is no longer updated. So,I cloned Cr OS Linux,updated it to latest Open Suse,made a few tweaks,and created…

NumixOS 2015 (64bit version)

by Daniel(Rayse)
NumixOS 2015 Working on 2016 Update SOON (4.0.0) NumixOS is a beautifull and flat operating system.The os is fast,secure and free.What n…

Cherri Linux

by Joshua Pritsker
Cherri Linux is an operating system that is focused on penetration testing and ethical hacking and is based off openSUSE. -Why choose this over Kali Linux and others? Kali and many oth…

Mango Linux

by Sharique Ahmed Farooqui
Mango Linux is the distro for mango people, build to provide best user experience with latest stable softwares. Normally when we install new version of Linux, after installation we has to install…

Smart Enterprise Linux Desktop

by Proton
Smart Enterprise Linux Desktop is powerfull desktop for buisness, system administrators and end users. Smart Enterprise Linux Desktop uses KDE Plasma as desktop enviroment that gives ease while…
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