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220 search results for "tagged with linux"

Hello Suse

by Galaxy SO Studios
este Sistema Operaciona foi pensado para ser agradável, simples e uma boa alternativa ao openSuse tradicional, meu lema é: “Leve como uma pena! Veloz como o papaléguas! Bonito, como eu!”. Essa dist…

Pix OS

by Xeneloid
Pix OS is a Linux distribution developing in Russia and based on openSUSE. The purpose of the distribution: 1) the Comfort of beginners 2) to Provide a nice software package 3) Easy to use …


by Asheesh Saxena
We build a light weight OS. only essential packeges are added like WINE, PYTHON, OFFICE, SQL, VLC

IoN Pro

by IDGroup
ION OS prerealise1.17.11 Latest version 1.17.7 Stable version 1.17.0

Minimal OS

by Pushkar Shah
Minimal OS… You can add ppa repositories and download anything

Everything You Need OS

by conner fassett
Everything that you need from an os, minimal system requirements are 1/2 gb of ram 1ghz processor 32mb of graphics memory with 200ghz graphics speed.
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