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SSBox SAK 42.2

by systemservers
“Swiss Army Knife” Build to install Leap 42.2 with 42.2 oss and non-oss official main and update repos. My openSUSE answer to “Ubuntu Ultimate edition” style builds, within susestudio limitations …


by Dillinger Lee
KAOS is a 64 bit Live CD with a collection of tools for writing an Operating System kernel and lower level programming in Assembly, C & C++ The .iso image should be small enough to fit on a CD….

Personality Server 2017

by Personality Operating System
Personality OS decided to release server version of Personality Winter Edition.

Personality Winter Edition

by Personality Operating System
PersonalityOS is back! We are here to introduce you Personality Winter Edition. We have updated to Leap 42.1 for now you can use this operating system and we are going to make new one in summer…


by Sachin Kekarjawalekar
The evergreen kde operating system you can use for your home use or for students use. explore more…. I have included almost all necessary packages in it for use. Tell me more to update on : k…


by Odis
Odis is a simple, user friendly version of openSUSE with KDE Plasma 5. This is a 64-bit operating system, it will not run on extremely old hardware. …


by PowerBuilder
My first operating system. Passwords: root: helloepicface tux: linux Have a fun time with this system!

Check_mk / SLES / JeOS

by MarcC
This is a ready to use Check_mk appliance with some predefined hosttags, groups and timeperiods. This appliance has been updated to SLES 11.4 and Check_mk 1.2.8p17. We’ll continue to update as new…
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