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ownCloud in a box

by Cornelius Schumacher
ownCloud in a box packages ownCloud as an appliance, so you can easily run it in a virtual environment, as a live system or install it on a disk. Run the appliance, go to http://[yourservername]…

Cr OS Linux

by Chrome Linux
Cr OS Linux (formerly Chrome OS Linux) is a free operating system built around the revolutionary Google Chromium browser. How to install: Download the iso file and burn it into DVD-R. Boot the…


by hgj
miniSUSE comes with all the great packages you might need. It offers you a Swiss army knife for all your Linux needs – still it is small enough to fit a CD/DVD or USB drive. You can use it to r…

KDE 4 Reloaded

by André Duffeck
Desktop template with updated KDE packages.

Windows 8 Lite

by Andrew
If you have a slow computer, speed it up with Windows 8 Lite! Grant Sieminskie requested a smaller download file because he did not have the time at school to download a 1.4GB file.Plus,he did not…

Android Developer's Desktop Remix

by prizm
NOTE: a new version written from scratch will be out soon, including a modern SDK and less errors in building! bgta’s Android developer desktop is a great idea, but there is a problem: it’s fill…

Excellent Samba4 Appliance

by Masim Vavai Sugianto
Excellent Samba4 Appliance 1.1.11 based on SLES 11 SP3 64 bit with Samba4 Stable 4.1.11. Samba4 is a massive reworking of the Samba 3 implementation, with a goal of providing full Active Directory,…

LAMP Server (32bit)

by James Tan
LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (plus Perl & Python). There’s also a 64 bit version.

GNOME Reloaded

by André Duffeck
Desktop with updated GNOME packages.

Upstream Cinnamon

by Nick
Presenting the all new Upstream Cinnamon. A full-featured beautiful OS in less than 2 GB. With the GNOME Cinnamon interface! Boot from LiveCD, and your all set! Even install using the built-in desk…


by Andrew Wafaa
Smeegol is based on the netbook user interface that came from the MeeGo™* project. Smeegol offers the latest Banshee’s powerful music player, a newer Evolution Express as mail and agenda client …


by Lokesh Mure
UPGRADED TO SUSE 13 . New Generation – New Appliance – LMOS is not about batteries – It’s something elsE This LM-OS includes Extended KDE graphic environment with Office productivity and develop…


by Frederic Crozat
This is a test appliance for GNOME 3.0 : . It uses GNOME 3.0 packages on top of openSUSE 11.4. there is one predefined user “tux” with password “linux” (same password for root). You can keep …


by Jacob Rask
BrowserBox is a an appliance for web developers and QA’s to do cross browser testing. It includes 20 versions of 12 different browsers. Tired of downloading and installing lots of browsers every…


by Flavio Castelli
Graylog2 is an open source log management solution that stores your logs in MongoDB. It consists of a server written in Java that accepts your syslog messages via TCP, UDP or AMQP and stores it in …


by Alberto Passalacqua
GeekoCFD is a live distribution based on openSUSE – 64 bit, whose purpose is to provide easy and immediate access to open-source Computational Fluid Dynamics tools. It includes cantor, gmsh, grace,…
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