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ryan900 OS

by Ryan Abreu
i added again my operating system. and other has broken forever

robuko 27

by busoftBR
recent update: 1 EULA added.

The NOC Project

by Mike new
NOC Project 0.6.4 Virtual Appliance For complete installation after first boot run commands : linux:~#su - noc linux:~>cd /opt/noc linux:/opt/noc/>./scripts/post-update @linux:/opt/noc/>e…


by Morad Ali
Please download it for free

TT360 Operating Software

We made this operating software for thos who in need of office works and for the best computing experience.


by Matelenoid Software
Yeld is distribution based on openSUSE and use only 64-bit architecture, only Qt apps, only KDE. Yeld have beautiful design. Yeld is ready to use out of the box. Yeld is not a fork of …

Plasma Active

by Jonathan_R
Plasma Active 3 based on openSUSE 12.2 built with SUSE Studio.

AOTA - official

by Salcj W
This is the newest release of the AOTA beta! It should work better with even more features! Now that it is out of the beta stage, I have called it “OFFICIAL”.
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