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19 search results for "tagged with Cloud"

MentOS Rebuild - ownCloud in a box

by Jannis Radke
Original Idea by Cornelius Schuhmacher – Just made a newer OS Version and added the new OwnCloud Version ownCloud in a box packages ownCloud as…

Cloud Fox

by Kuba Buczek
Some cloud OS Test

Ceieme Cloud 32-bit Edition

by Greater Works Software
Ceieme Cloud is lightweight appliance you can easily run it in a virtual environment, as a live system or install it on a disk. Run the appliance, go to http://[yourservername], and follow the i…

WSo2 Identity Server

by Alejandro Bonilla
Identity Server acts as an Enterprise Identity Bus (EIB) — a central backbone to connect and manage multiple identities regardless of the standards on which they are based. In addition to using …

System Szakal 10

by Bartosz Kowalski
System Szakal 10 Version 0.0.12 64-bit x86, based on openSUSE Leap 42.1 680 MB download, 2.7 GB uncompressed, 120 GB disk 2GB RAM prosty system dla każdego /Simple system for everyone Coun…

openSUSE with Nextcloud

by Misha Komarovskiy
openSUSE with Nextcloud packages Nextcloud as an appliance. Run the appliance, go to http://[yourservername], and follow the instructions there. Predefined settings: data folder – */mnt/n…

WSo2 AppServer

by Alejandro Bonilla
The WSO2 Application Server is Cloud Native, providing a firm foundation for hosting shared, multi-tenant, elastically scaling SaaS applications. The WSO2 Application Server brings together best…


by Thomas Bechtold
Basic SLES12 image with cloud-init support. DON’t USE IN PRODUCTION BECAUSE OF root PASSWORD!

NetIQ Cloud Manager Application Server

by Mike Sorensen
NetIQ Cloud Manager Application Server Appliance This appliance is intended to simplify the installation of the Cloud Manager Application Server. This server works in conjunction with the Clo…
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