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13 search results for "tagged with security"


by a_a
Basic Linux Platform that I am hoping to expand on to include a bunch of security programs and stuff.


by Jan Krupa
Web Application Version Detection Web Application Version Detection (waved) is tool designed for web application version detection based on static assets fingerprinting. This appliance cont…

Hacker's paradise

by Dylan T.
This is for testing security inside of your house and/or organization. I don’t condone this being used for malicious intentions. I am not responsible for anything you do with this distro, build, ap…

GFG disk Fix openSUSE 42.1

by eadthem akip
DBAN Replacement. This boot disk will WIPE all hard drives with random data 1MB of random data repeated over the whole drive.. It will then zero the drives. and test 10KB of every 1MB (in 1MB s…


by Isaac Wade
SPECTRUM Linux ( S USE P ortable E ncrypted C omputing T oolkit for the p R oductive U se of ti M e) is a lightweight but productive secure toolkit for a developer. With a lean towa…


by Ian Knowles
An offline transaction solution for Bitcoin that uses QR codes for all comms (so USB is only used for the LiveOS and not for moving data between online and offline computers). Use ImageWriter to…

Google Chrome Browser

by Edwin David
Google Chrome browser can be used for Cryptocat plugin. Google Chrome Browser version 21.0.1180.79-151411. DNSCrypt 0.9-1. DNSCrypt is hard coded to daemonize through SSL (Port 443) This appl…

Seer OS

by Nick Mantas
Seer OS aims towards Digital Forensics and Network Security . It contains some of the best and latest tools for forensics investigation, network monitoring and analysis and penetration testing. S…

Stronghenge Firewall

by Austin Kauffman
Stronghenge is an Out-of-Band Application Firewall that can inspect both HTTP and HTTPS traffic for attacks against your web applications. Since Stronghenge’s detection engine is based off of the …

OpenFISMA 64bit Community Edition

by Endeavor Systems
This is the community edition of the OpenFISMA application. OpenFISMA is an open, customizable application sponsored by Endeavor Systems, Inc. that greatly reduces the cost and complexity associate…
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