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6 search results for "tagged with virtualization"

Virtua OS

by Pevipopi Steve
Virtua OS, all you need to be a master of virtualization, all virtualbox driver included and some games , web browser and a good interface, every you want, and the best, is totally free, you can ed…

Smart Docker OS

by Juan Fernando Villa Hernández
This distro it’s oriented to Clustering, Lightweight Virtualization, Containers and images with Docker. User: run Pass:container This appliance is performed by the Innovation Centre & Tec…


by wengel
Kimchi is a webinterface for kvm using libvirt, so this appliance runs on any machine which supports virtualization with KVM (AMD/Intel CPU). You can run your own virtual machines on your server …

OpenNebula (KVM)

by Ørnulf Nielsen
OpenNebula (KVM) is an appliance to help you to quickly get an OpenNebula cloud up and running. Note: This appliance needs to run on real hardware, as it requires hardware virtualization tec…


by Flavio Castelli
This appliance contains latest version of docker packaged for openSUSE. The busybox container has already been included, this makes possible to play with docker even insid…

Headless VirtualBox

by Austin Kauffman
A light-weight headless Oracle VirtualBox appliance with a web GUI (phpVirtualBox). The default web GUI username and password is: admin/admin. Additionally, this appliance also has the ability …
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