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About Ice Software UK

Ice Software UK

Welcome to all my appliances, I have many so you’ll be fine whatever type of user you are. From all type to browser you’ll be fine.

Some news and other things;

1 Right now most of my appliances can’t be downloaded due to there being an old openSUSE version. So please if you want an OS please clone it then download it. Thank you!

2 Chrome OS, which I am still amazed by the popularity, is currently being worked on for update 3.0.0.
Some of the update features include, the newest openSUSE, general updates to EVERYTHING POSSIBLE and more UI enhancements.

And one more thing;

{color:red, font-size:48pt}THANK YOU!


7 published appliances

Windows 9 Pro

by Ice Software UK
Welcome To Windows 9 Pro, A windows emulator in Linux, It uses Cinnamon (which looks somewhat like windows) Thank You For Choosing Ice Software UK …

Maverick OS

by Ice Software UK
Introducing Maverick OS, The best OS you’ll find for free . This has everything. For the Young, for the Old – For the Developers, for the Computer Newbies Maverick OS is for everyone. It has ple…

Next-Generation Netbook

by Ice Software UK
Next-Generation Netbook is a netbook version of the increasingly and growing Next-Generation. It has many of the feautures of Next-Gen and runs in XFCE, and ICEwm which is very basic and good for n…

Jetstream OS

by Ice Software UK
Introducing Jetstream OS Jetstream is your perfect OS for anything, with so many features.

Cinnamon Linux

by Ice Software UK
NO TUX NO, Now You’ve spilled Cinnamon ALL over Linux (just a bit of Humor, anyway) Cinnamon Linux is a fast Clever Version of Linux that will make you the best Linux User Around, And it can fit on…

Desk-KDE 3

by Ice Software UK
Welcome Do Desk-KDE 3, The Perfect OS For anything, It runs on the KDE 3 which despite being old is good for some people wanting to run an easy to use Linux OS on an old computer. But dont let that…
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