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About Cornelius Schumacher

Cornelius Schumacher


4 published appliances

Kontact in a box

by Cornelius Schumacher
This is a quick take at a demo CD of Kontact, the wonderful KDE PIM suite, covering email, calendar, addressbook, and more.

Linuxtag Demo

by Cornelius Schumacher
Demo appliance for presentation at Linuxtag 2012. Contains a simple web server.

Marble in a box 4.6

by Cornelius Schumacher
Marble is a fantastic KDE application giving a view to the world. Viewing the earth from top, checking street maps with the data from OpenStreetmap, visualizing data on a global scale. Marble does …

ownCloud in a box

by Cornelius Schumacher
ownCloud in a box packages ownCloud as an appliance, so you can easily run it in a virtual environment, as a live system or install it on a disk. Run the appliance, go to http://[yourservername]…
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