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About Flavio Castelli

Flavio Castelli

SUSE Studio developer.
KDE hacker, ruby lover.


7 published appliances


by Flavio Castelli
Graylog2 is an open source log management solution that stores your logs in MongoDB. It consists of a server written in Java that accepts your syslog messages via TCP, UDP or AMQP and stores it in …


by Flavio Castelli
This appliance contains latest version of docker packaged for openSUSE. The busybox container has already been included, this makes possible to play with docker even insid…

docker registry

by Flavio Castelli
This appliance runs a personal docker registry using the official python implementation .

Rails in a box

by Flavio Castelli
All you need to hack with Ruby on Rails. Includes: - mysql server - apache with mod_rails - mongrel - a couple of useful gems

Review Board

by Flavio Castelli
This appliance contains a working instance of review board (version 1.5.5), you can even play with it inside of testdrive. Review board has been configured to use: mysql as database: usern…

Watir client

by Flavio Castelli
This appliance contains all the components needed to use watir with firefox. Note well: watir will work only after firefox’s first run. Checkout the watir_test.rb example under /home/tux


by Flavio Castelli
Everything you need to use LaTex. Provides kile + LaTex packages.
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